The Thing (1982)
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The Thing 1982

The Thing: Scientists in the Antarctic are confronted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of the people that it kills.

Solar rating:9 /10

Version 1 Promo Host 392 views
Version 2 Promo Host 451 views
Version 3 410 views
Version 4 472 views
Version 5 Promo Host 1228 views
Version 6 1195 views
Version 7 1436 views
Version 8 478 views
Version 9 73 views
Version 10 920 views
Version 11 1266 views
Version 12 370 views


1980s African American Alien All Male Cast Ambiguous Ending American Animal Killing Antarctica Anti Hero Apocalypse Arm Cut Off Assimilation Autopsy Axe Axe Murder Based On Short Story Beating Biologist Blizzard Blood Blood Icicle Blood Sample Blood Test Boarded Up Window Body Horror Box Office Flop Breaking Through Door Breaking Through Wall Burned Alive Camp Site Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Chase Cigarette Smoking Claw Computer Computer Chess Controversy Cook Corpse Cowboy Hat Cult Classic Cult Favorite Dead Dog Death Death Of Friend Defibrillation Disfigurement Distrust Doctor Dragging Body Dread Drinking Dynamite Electronic Music Score Excavation Exploding Body Exploding Helicopter Explosion Fear Finger Cut Fire Alarm Flamethrower Flare Flashlight Flying Saucer Frozen Body Generator Geologist Gore Gothic Grenade Hand Through Chest Heart Attack Held At Gunpoint Helicopter Horror Movie Remake Hypodermic Needle Ice Imitation Infection Injection Intestines Isolation Kennel Kerosene Kick Door In Knife Lantern Lighter Locked In Shed Long Tongue Map Metamorphosis Molotov Cocktail Monster Morphine Murder Mutation Noose Norwegian Paranoia Parasite Part Stop Motion Person On Fire Photograph Pilot Pistol Pool Table Power Failure Punched In The Face Quarantine Radio Rampage Rec Room Red Herring Remake Research Station Reverse Footage Rifle Roller Skates Sabotage Scalpel Scientist Severed Arm Severed Hand Severed Head Shape Shifter Shed Shot In The Eye Shot In The Forehead Shot In The Leg Shotgun Silhouette Sled Dog Slit Throat Snow Space Spacecraft Split Head Stitch Suicide Sunglasses Suspense Suspicion Tape Recorder Tied To Chair Title At The End Title Spoken By Character Tractor Trail Of Blood Transformation Trust Tunnel Unsubtitled Foreign Language VCR Videotape Violence Weather Winter


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