Camminacammina (1983)
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Camminacammina 1983

Camminacammina: The assuming of responsibility by individuals, the use of science for man and not against him, the duty of truth to increase the stature of people, all together: these are the important themes this movie debates in allegorical form. Roles are performed by non professional actors and actresses.

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Ermanno Olmi
Giulio Paradisi
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Acrobat Actor Actress Adultery Allegory Altar Ambassador Ambush Angel Armor Army Arrogance Artist Astrologer Baker Beach Bible Birthday Blindness Blood Book Book Of Chronicles Book Of Prophecy Boy Bravery Bride And Groom Bridge Burying Camel Campfire Caravan Castle Celestial Vision Census Centurion Ceremony Chase Chicken Chicken Thief Christian Christianity Comet Commander Compassion Condemnation Confetti Construction Worker Contempt Courage Cross Crown Crying Crying Baby Deafness Death Deceit Deception Defecating Horse Desert Desertion Devotion Disciple Divine Message Dog Donkey Donkey And Cart Drawing Dream Dumbness Dying Earring Eating Elderly Elephant Expiation Fairy Tale Faith Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Fear Fire Fleeing Flower Petal Flowers Flute Fog Food Forest Forgiveness Framing Device Friend Friendship Gift Goat God Gold Governor Guard Guide Heaven Helmet Hiding Holy Communion Holy Man Honor Horse Horse Riding Hypocrisy Hypocrite Idol Illness Incense Insect Jesus Christ Jewelry Joseph Journey Joy Justice King Kneeling Lamb Lamp Lightning Loaf Of Bread Love Magi Male Female Relationship Marriage Mass Massacre Melchior The Wiseman Mercenary Merchant Merchant Ship Mercy Messenger Military Military Convoy Miracle Misery Money Moth Mother Son Relationship Mountain Non Professional Cast Ointment On The Road Oxen Palace Pentateuch Philosopher Physically Challenged Person Pilgrim Pilgrimage Port Poverty Prayer Precious Metal Priest Prince Profit Prophet Psalm Rain Reading Redemption Reference To Narcissus Reference To Shakespeares Henry V Relic Religion Religious Offering Repentance Ritual River River Crossing Road Robber Rot Running Rust Sacred Object Sacrifice Sacrilege Salvation Savior Scaffold Science Scorpion Scripture Sea Sedan Chair Sentry Serpent Shadow Sheep Shepherd Ship Sin Singer Singing Sleeping Snake Soldier Solitude Song Spear Spirituality Spoken Inner Thoughts Star Stealing Stone Storm Suffering Sword Tambourine Taxi Tears Temple Tent Theatre Production Theatrical Troupe Theft Thief Throwing Stones Thunder Tied Up Torch Trader Traitor Travel Traveller Tree Branch Tree House Trust Urination Village Virgin Mary Voice Over Narration Water Waterfall Wedding Wedding Procession Wind Worship

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