Coup De Grace (1976)
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Coup De Grace 1976

Coup De Grace : A countess unrequited love for an army officer leads to disaster.

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1910s 1920s Airplane Alibi Apple Aristocrat Arm Sling Arm Wound Arrest Artillery Artist Assault Atheist Aunt Nephew Relationship Aunt Niece Relationship Baltics Bandage Based On Novel Battle Bayonet Bed Berlin Germany Betrayal Bicycle Binoculars Boat Boathouse Bolshevik Bolshevism Bombing Book Bridge Broken Window Brother Sister Relationship Budapest Bugle Bullet Bunk Bed Burning Bedding Butterfly Collection Cafe Camera Candy Card Playing Carp Carried Sitting In Chair Cellar Champagne Chicken Childbirth Christian Christmas Christmas Party Christmas Tree Church Cigarette Case Cigarette Smoking Civil War Climbing Tree Closeted Homosexual Coffee Collaborator Commander Communist Cook Countess Cross Crossing Self Crying Dancer Dancing Darmstadt Germany Dead Body Dead Dog Death Defeat Delousing Depression Digging Grave Digging Trench Disappearance Doctor Dog Dog Killed By Grenade Double Negative Dissolve Dream Dress Mannequin Dressmaker Drink Drinking Drum Drummer Drunkenness Duel Eating Estate Evacuation Execution Explosion Face Slap Face Wound Falling On Ice Falling Over While Sitting In Chair Farm Fast Motion Scene Father Daughter Relationship Fiddle Fiddler Field Fish Fishing Flare Food Forgiveness France Friend Friendship Gang Gay Gay Slur Gay Soldier German German Army Germany Gossip Grave Great Aunt Greenhouse Grenade Gun Gunshot Hand On Knee Hands Held Over Head Heartbreak Homosexual Horse Horse Cart Horse Drawn Sleigh Carriage Horse Riding Hospital Hostage Humiliation Hungarian Husband Wife Relationship Hysteria Ice Illness Infection Interrogation Jealousy Jew Jewish Killing A Dog Kiss Kralovice Czechoslovakia Kronstadt Kurland Latvia Landwehr Lantern Latvia Leftist Lithuania Lithuanian Livonia Latvia Love Triangle Machine Gun Mansion March Marriage Marriage Proposal Marsh Marzipan Medicine Mercenary Midwife Military Officer Mirror Mistletoe Mistress Morphine Mortar Moscow Russia Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Mounted Deers Head Murder Nightshirt Octopus Outlaw Paris France Party Passion Patient Pearl Necklace Peasant Periscope Pheasant Photo Album Photograph Photographer Piano Piano Player Pipe Smoking Politics Pond Post WWI Prayer Pregnancy Prisoner Prodigal Brother Promiscuity Prussia Prussian Prussian Soldier Railway Station Rain Rape Rebel Record Player Recording Recruit Reference To Frederic Chopin Resistance Resistance Fighter Retreat Revolution Revolutionary Revolver Reward Rifle Riga Latvia Rubble Russian Russian Civil War Sadness Salute Scissors Search Self Destructiveness Senility Sergeant Servant Sewer Sex Shame Shaving Shooting Shot In The Head Siberia Singer Singing Sleigh Snow Snow Fight Snowing Soaking Feet Soldier Song Soviet Spit In Face Stableboy Stairway Street Walker Surrender Tailor Talking Through Closed Door Tea Teenage Boy Teenage Girl Telephone Teletype Toast Toilet Paper Tradition Train Trench Truck Truffle Trust Tuning Piano Typhus Undressing Unrequited Love Vaccine Village Violence Virgin Mary Voice Over Narration Vomit Voyeur Waltz Warsaw Poland Watching Whore Wine Woman In Mans Clothes Wound Writer Writing WWI


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