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Advertising Advertising Executive Aerial Spraying Agent Airplane Airplane Accident Airport Architecture Arrest Assassination Attempted Murder Auction Auto Theft Beautiful Woman Biplane Black Comedy Blockbuster Breaking And Entering Bus Stop Cafeteria Car Accident Cardinal Direction In Title Chicago Illinois Cigarette Smoking Cold War Contemporary Setting Cornfield Country Estate Courtroom Crash Crop Duster Cult Director Death Dining Car Director Cameo Disguise Divorce Drunk Driving Drunkenness Evil Man Explosion Faked Death Falling Over A Cliff False Accusation Famous Score Fire Forced To Drink And Drive Framed For Drunk Driving Framed For Murder Fuel Fugitive Goof In Title Government Agent Grand Central Station Manhattan New York City Gun Hit In The Stomach Homosexuality Hospital Hotel Illinois Imagery Impression Of Writing Left On Next Sheet Of Paper Indiana Kidnapping Ledge Lighting A Cigarette Lighting Someones Cigarette Macguffin Manhattan New York City Marketing Executive Marriage Proposal Matchbook Microfilm Mislaid Trust Mistaken Identity Mother Son Relationship Mount Rushmore Murder Murdered Before Giving Protagonist Information New York City Oedipus Complex On The Run Overhead Camera Shot Pistol Police Policeman Pouring Alcohol Down Someones Throat Punch Into Camera Punched In The Face Railway Railway Station Reckless Driving Reference To Teddy Roosevelt Restaurant Road Running Running From Danger Secret Agent Secret Government Organisation Secret History Secret Identity Seduction Semi Trailer Sex Appeal Sex In Train Shaving Shot With Blank Shower Sky Photography Sleeping Car South Dakota Sports Car Spy Statue Stealth Stepping On Someones Hand Stranger On A Train Surprise Attack Suspected Murder Suspense Taxi Telephone Box Title Based On Shakespeare Train Train Tunnel United Nations Waiting Walking On A Ledge Washington DC

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