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Airplane Alcoholic Drink Alien Alien Monster Alien Possession Amnesia Applause Assassination Attempt Assassination Plot Audience Automobile Avalanche Binoculars Biting Tail Blood Blood On Head Bomb Bomb Onboard Plane Book Bowing Boy Bracelet Breaking Down Door Bridge Brother Sister Relationship Bullet Hole Burnt Face Calamity Camera Camp Camp Site Captain Car Carrying Someone Caterpillar Chairman City Clinic Compass Crater Crowd Curtain Dark Glasses Death Destroyed Bridge Destroyed Building Destroyed City Destroyed Home Disaster Dragon Drink Driving Car Drug Evacuation Evil Monster Exploding Plane Exploding Ship Explosion Facial Scar Falling From Height Falling Rock Falling Star False Report Of Death Fan Fanning Self Female Reporter Fifth Part Fire Breathing Dragon Fire Breathing Monster Fisherman Five Year Old Forest Forest Fire Gangster Ghidora Giant Monster Globe Godzilla Gojira Gorge Gratitude Gun Gun Holster Gun Sight Gunfire Hat Head Wound Heat Wave Helicopter Hiking Hit With Rock Hit With Wrench Hot Weather Hotel Hotel Clerk Hotel Room Human Alien Humanity In Peril Hypnotic Drug Hypnotism Island Japan Key Killer Killing Knife Knife Held To Throat Lifted Into The Air Little Boy Lock Pick Looking At Self In The Mirror Magnetism Mans Hat Mars The Planet Meteorite Microphone Miniature Person Mirror Monster Monster Movie Monster Terrorizes City Monster Versus Monster Mother Son Relationship Mothra Mountain Multi Monster Finale Murder News Conference Newspaper Old Man Outer Space Photograph Pickaxe Picking Lock Police Police Officer Police Station Policeman Predicting The Future Prehistoric Monster Princess Prophecy Prophet Psychiatrist Pterodactyl Pulled By Tail Purse Quarrel Raincoat Reading Book Reel To Reel Tape Recorder Reporter Riding In Car Rifle Ringing Telephone Rock Throwing Rodan Room Key Saving Someones Life Sequel Ship Ship Captain Ship On Fire Shobijin Shock Treatment Shooting Star Shootout Shot By Gun Shot In The Arm Shot In The Hand Shot To Death Singing Siren Skeptic Skepticism Smoke Sneaking In Song Star Suspension Bridge Tape Recorder Team Up Telepathy Telephone Telephone Call Television Television Camera Tent Threatened With Knife Three Headed Creature Three Headed Dragon Three Headed Monster Throwing Rock Trail Traitor Trance Translation Twin Venus The Planet Village Voice Over Inner Thoughts Volcano Watching News On TV Watching Television Watching TV Waving Goodbye Web Wind Blows Off Hat Woman In Mans Clothes Worship Wrench Young Boy

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