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1960s Radical 1970s 1980s Accidental Death Act Of Conscience Activist Anarchist Anarchy Anti War Applause Apple Brown Betty Audition Auto Mechanic Avoiding Confrontation Band Room Bank Robbery Baseball Beach Bicycle Birth Certificate Birthday Birthday Party Blindness Blue Hill Kentucky Bolshevik Bomb Bombing Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Breaking And Entering Brooklyn Dodgers Brother Brother Relationship Brother Sister Relationship Bully Bunk Bed Cafe Cafeteria Cancer Chamber Music Chase Church Class Class Picture Classroom Co Op College Coming Of Age Composer Computer Concert Confession Conscience Cooking Criminal Dancer Dancing Death Death Of Mother Dentist Diamond Ring Doctor Dog Drink Drinking Drunkenness Dying Hair Earphones Earring Environment Escape Eyeglasses Father Daughter Relationship Father Daughter Reunion Father Son Relationship FBI FBI Agent Federal Agent Finger Cut Fire Firewood Fleeing Florida City Florida Foot Massage Friend Friendship Fugitive Government Grandfather Grandson Relationship Grandmother Grandson Relationship Guitar Gun Happy Birthday To You Hidden Identity Hiding Hiding In A Closet High School Hiking Home Economics Hospital Imperialism Independent Film Irony Janitor Julliard School Of Music Karate Keyboard Kiss Kitchen Knife Kung Fu Laboratory Laundromat Law Liar Liberation Liberation Army License Plate Lie Listening To Music Love LSD Male Female Relationship Manhattan New York City Media Frenzy Medical Receptionist Microfilm Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Mugging Murray Hill Manhattan New York City Music School Music Teacher Musical Composition Musician Mutilation Napalm New York City Newspaper Oakland California Obituary On The Run Orchestra Pain Paralysis Passion Passport Patient Pay Phone Philadelphia Phillies Phone Booth Photograph Pianist Piano Piano Duet Picnic Area Pizza Pizza Delivery Boy Plattsburg New York Political Activism Political Protest Politics Pollution Poverty Prison Protest Pumping Gas Pursuit Questioning Authority Racism Radical Rain Record Player Recording Reference To Duke Snyder Reference To Fernando Valenzuela Reference To Harriet Nelson Reference To James Dean Reference To James Taylor Reference To Ludwig Von Beethoven Reference To Norman Rockwell Reference To Ozzie Nelson Reference To Rockefeller Rehearsal Research Laboratory Rest Area Restaurant Revolution Revolutionary Rock n Roll Rolling Downhill Sadness Safety Pin Sand Scarf Scholarship School School Photo School Picture Sex Shaving Singer Singing Song Stakeout Stealing Hat Steinway Stolen Identity Student Student Radical Take Out Food Tape Deck Taxi Teacher Teenage Boy Teenage Girl Telephone Call Theft Thief Toxic Waste Dumping Toy Whale Tuna Casserole Underground Underwear Undressing University Of California Los Angeles University Of Massachusetts Van Vietnam War Violin Violinist Watching TV Waterford New Jersey Woods Wrist Watch Yale University

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