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15th Century Abandoned Baby Acrobat Actor Alone Archbishop Arrest Audience Bag Over Head Balancing Chair On Chin Bald Man Baldness Bare Chested Male Based On Novel Bath Bathtub Battering Ram Beautiful Woman Beggar Beggars Guild Bell Bell Ringing Bell Tower Bellringer Bird Bird In Cage Birdcage Blindfold Blood Boiling Liquid Book Bridal Chamber Brother Brother Relationship Building Fire Cabbage Capture Carried Over Back Cat Cat O Nine Tails Cathedral Catholic Catholic Church Celebration Chase Chief Justice Church Church Bell Citizen City Gate Climbing Climbing Rope Confession Confession To Murder Confession Under Torture Council Meeting Court Court Jester Hat Courtroom Craftsman Crawling Cross Crowd Crown Cruelty Crutches Crying Dagger Dancer Dancing Deafness Death Death Penalty Deformed Man Den Of Thieves And Beggars Desecration Destroying Printing Press Dignity Disfigurement Drum Drummer Dying Elixir Eye Patch Eyeglasses Facial Scar Fake Injury Falling From Height Falling Off A Ladder False Accusation False Confession Fear Fight First Time Praying Flute Food Fool Fools Day Foot Torture Foreign Language Adaptation France Freak French Soldier Friend Friendship Gallows Gargoyle Giving Bath Goat God Guilt Gypsy Hanging Hangman Hate Heathen Helmet Hit On The Head With Rock Horse Horse And Wagon Horse Riding Hunchback Husband Wife Relationship Innocence Intimidation Jail Cell Jesus Christ Judge Judgment Jumping Onto A Horse Kindness King King Of Beggars King Of Fools Kiss Kneeling Knife Ladder Lantern Latin Law Lifting Person In Air Loneliness Loss Of Hearing Love Love Quartet Lust Lynch Mob Madness Man In The Moon Mandolin Mark Of The Devil Marriage Marriage Of Convenience Marseilles France Melodrama Mob Monkey Monster Murder Murderer Musician Naming Bells Nobleman Noose Notre Dame Cathedral Paris Nun Orchestral Music Score Pain Pamphlet Pardon Pariah Paris France Passion Peeping Tom Penance Pickpocket Pillory Pitchfork Pity Playwright Poem Poet Possession Prayer Praying Prejudice Priest Printing Press Prison Proving The Earth Is Round Punishment Purse Pursuit Quill Religion Religious Procession Religious Statue Rescue Ridicule Robbery Rope Running Sanctuary Sand Dial Saved From Execution Saved From Hanging Scaffold Sceptre Scream Screaming Self Destructiveness Sense Of Hearing Sexual Repression Shadow Sign Language Singer Singing Spain Stabbing Stairway Standing On Head Stealing Stoicism Stone Stool Street Theater Superstition Swinging On A Rope Tambourine Tears Theatre Production Theft Thief Thirst Threat To Hang Throwing Garbage At Actor Thrown From Height Tied Up Torch Torment Torture Torture Chamber Tragedy Trial Trial By Ordeal Tripping And Falling Turning Wheel Twenty Something Ugliness Unrequited Love Vagabond Water Whipping Widower Witch Witchcraft Witness Writer Writing

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