Patient 001 (2018)
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Patient 001 2018

Josie, a devoted wife, is devastated when her beloved husband, Leo, falls into a coma after a terrible accident. Desperate to have his child, she accepts her only option: cloning. The arrival of the baby unexpectedly awakens Leo, unleashing in him a newfound ability to experience supernatural visions. These visions weaken him and reveal a terrible, cursed future which he cannot understand or accept. Confused and intensely anxious by what she's done, Josie tries to deny what she's created, but her husband's reactions grow stronger to the baby. She confronts the doctor who spearheaded the experiment fearful that the man and his clone cannot coexist - but the baby is too great a danger. Leo and Josie are forced to make an impossible choice and keep a secret forever. The couple remain together, their love continuing, his career thriving. But twenty years later their past comes back to haunt them. The truth cannot be buried. Patient 001 is a dark, twisted, Gothic fairy tale for grown ups.

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Katie Fleischer
Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
Gabe Doran Jason Dietz Rosie Fellner
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Solar rating:6 /10

Version 1 Promo Host 330 views
Version 2 207 views
Version 3 143 views
Version 4 51 views
Version 5 Promo Host 948 views
Version 6 388 views
Version 7 1193 views
Version 8 188 views
Version 9 Promo Host 1059 views
Version 10 990 views
Version 11 1198 views
Version 12 298 views
Version 13 1424 views
Version 14 710 views
Version 15 1476 views
Version 16 1442 views
Version 17 135 views
Version 18 1417 views
Version 19 85 views
Version 20 78 views
Version 21 398 views
Version 22 962 views
Version 23 614 views
Version 24 960 views
Version 25 410 views


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