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Abbey Airplane Altered Version Of Studio Logo Animal Attack Anti Hero Antidote Apathy Arrowhead Arson Arsonist Assault Barefoot Based On Comic Based On Comic Book Bat Batman Billionaire Birthday Party Bitterness Blockbuster Board Meeting Body Armor Bra Less Brawl British Actor Playing American Character Broken Leg Burning Building Business Card Butler Camouflage Cape Caped Crusader Car Accident Car Chase Car Crash Cargo Ship Cave Cavern Character Name In Title Character Repeating Someone Elses Dialogue Characters Point Of View Camera Shot Chase Childhood Friend Cliff Cliffhanger Concept Car Corpse Corrupt Cop Courtroom Crime Boss Crime Fighter Crushed To Death Cult Favorite Dark Hero Dark Past Date DC Comics Destiny Disguise District Attorney Doctor Double Cross Double Life Dream Drug Smuggling Drugs Dual Identity El Train Elevator Escalation Escaped Mental Patient Evil Doctor Exploding Building Face Slap Fall Through Ice Falling From Height Falling Into A Well Fashion Fear Fear Of Bats Female Lawyer Fictional City Figment Of Imagination Fire Fired From The Job Fitness Flashback Flower Flying Frozen River Gadget Gadget Car Good Versus Evil Gotham Gothic Greenhouse Guilt Hallucination Haunted By The Past Head Butt Himalayas Homelessness Honor Hope Horse Hung Upside Down Idealism Impersonation Informant Journey Katana Sword Killing Spree Lawyer Lifting Person In Air Limousine Loss Of Father Loss Of Mother Machine Gun Man With Glasses Mansion Martial Arts Mask Megalomaniac Melancholy Mentor Mercy Millionaire Mission Mob Boss Mob Hit Monastery Monorail Mountaintop Monastery Movie With Surprise Ending Mud Mugging Murder Mustache Nail Gun Neo Noir Ninja Nipples Visible Through Clothing No Opening Credits No Title At Beginning Nonlinear Timeline One Man Army Opera Organized Crime Origin Of Hero Parallel Montage Parking Garage Pearl Necklace Person On Fire Philanthropist Piracy Poison Pokies Police Police Chase Police Corruption Police Detective Police Officer Killed Political Corruption Presumed Dead Prison Prosecutor Prostitute Psychiatric Hospital Psychopath Push Ups Reboot Of Series Recurring Dream Redemption Repeated Line Rescue Restaurant Revenge Satire Searchlight Secret Identity Secret Passage Secret Past Secret Society Secretary See Through Blouse Serial Killer Shaky Cam Shootout Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Foot Shot To Death Silencer Slow Motion Scene Solitary Confinement Split Personality Stabbed In The Chest Strait Jacket Super Villain Superhero SWAT Team Sword Fight Tank Taser Terrorist Plot Threesome Tibet Tragic Hero Tragic Villain Train Explosion Train Wreck Urban Decay Urban Setting Vengeance Vigilante Vigilantism Violence Visionary Warrior Waterfall Weapon Well Wuxia Fiction


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