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1970s Adultery Ambulance American Football Asphyxiation Auditorium Aviation Balloon Baseball On TV Based On Novel Belt Betrayal Black Comedy Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Bronzed Baby Shoes Brownie Calcutta India Cannabis Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Catalogue Catholic Catholic Priest Cemetery Child Abuse Child Suicide Cigarette Lighter Cigarette Smoking Class Classroom Cocktail Coming Of Age Coming Out Party Cross Crucifix Crying Dancer Dancing Death Death Wish Debutante Deception Depression Destroying A Recording Diary Dinner Downs Syndrome Dream Drink Drinking Dutch Elm Disease Elm Emotional Depression Enigma Escape Exploring Sexuality Extramarital Affair Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Female Director Female To Male Footsie Playing Fence First Love First Sexual Experience Flashback Flatulence Flirt Flirtation Flirting Foot Fetish Football Field Football Player Football Practice Football Stadium Football Team Footsie Under The Table Gas Mask Gas Stove Gay Father Gay Parent Generation Gap Ghost Girls Bathroom Gossip Graveyard Hallucination Hanged Girl Hanging Hearse High School High School Convocation High School Dance High School Teacher Holly Home Movie Homecoming Homecoming Dance Homosexual Father Hospital House Arrest Husband Wife Relationship Impaled By A Spear Impaled Child Impaled On A Fence Impalement Independent Film Infatuation Infidelity Innocence Insomnia Insomniac Insulin Iron Fence Isolation Jealousy Jumping Off A Roof Kiss Knitting Labor Strike Labor Union Lawn Sprinkler Loss Of Child Loss Of Daughter Loss Of Virginity Love Lovesick Loyalty Lust Magazine Male Female Relationship Manipulation Marijuana Marijuana Brownie Mass Suicide Math Class Math Teacher Maximum Security Medicine Overdose Melancholy Memory Mental Instability Mentally Challenged Person Michigan Mirror Ball Model Airplane Morse Code Mother Daughter Relationship Movie Theater Mysteriousness Neighbor News Reporter Note Obsession Overprotective Parent Party Passion Peach Schnappes Peeping Tom Photosynthesis Picket Line Poison Poisoning Pop Music Popsicle Popularity Postcard Pot Smoking Prayer Priest Prom Prom Dress Promiscuity Psychiatrist Putting Ones Head In An Oven To Commit Suicide Quarantine Rat Poison Record Player Recording Reference To Aerosmith Reference To Kiss The Band Reference To Portrait Of A Lady Reflection Regret Repression Rock n Roll Rumor Schnapps School School Dance Schoolteacher Scotch Tape Self Destructiveness Self Inflicted Injury Sex Sexual Awakening Sexual Exploration Sexual Promiscuity Singer Singing Sister Sister Relationship Sleeping Pills Song Souvenir Sparkler Split Screen Storytelling Strict Mother Strict Parent Suburb Suburbia Suicide Suicide Attempt Suicide Prevention Summer Sunglasses Swimming Pool Talking To A Plant Talking To The Camera Tampon Taxi Teacher Teaching Tears Teen Angst Teen Suicide Teenage Boy Teenage Girl Teenage Sex Telephone Telescope Tennis Tennis Court Theatre Audience Time Lapse Photography Tombstone Tragedy Tragic Event TV Crew TV Reporter Two On One Footsie Playing Underage Drinking Underwear Unfaithfulness Unicorn Unrequited Love Virgin Virginity Voice Over Narration Vomit Voyeur Voyeurism Watching Movie Watching TV Wrist Slitting Writer Director Yale University

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