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Abusive Boyfriend Airplane Crash American Flag Animal Killing Apartment Fire Arm Wound Artificial Nose Atomic Bomb Badger Bag Of Money Bar Bare Chested Male Bathroom Beach Beating Beef Brains Beer Benzedrine Biker Black And White Scene Blackmail Blind Man Blood Blood Spatter Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Brain Broken Heart Bullet Proof Vest Bus Cage California Cameraman Car Accident Car Rollover Cemetery Central Valley College Children Church Cigarette Smoking Cocaine Cocaine Snorting Colombian Necktie Corpse Corrupt Cop Corruption Courier Coward Cowboy Cross Crucifix Crying Cutting A Skull Open With A Hacksaw Death Death Of Wife Deception Del Amo Fashion Mall Dexadrine Disguise District Attorney Domestic Abuse Double Cross Drink Drinking Drug Addict Drug Addiction Drug Deal Drug Dealer Drug Dealing Drug Laboratory Drug Overdose Drug Use Drunk Driving Drunkenness Dual Identity Duct Tape Dyed Hair Eating Brains Energy Shot Ex Convict Exploding Trailer Explosion Face Mask Fake Identity Falling Down Stairs Fantasy Sequence Fast Motion Scene Father Son Relationship FBI FBI Agent FBI Investigation Feces Filling Station Fire Fish Out Of Water Flashback Flashback Within A Flashback Fluffer Forgiveness Friend Friendship Garbage Bin Garbage Truck Gas Station Gay Slur Getaway Driver Grave Graveyard Grocery Store Guitar Guitar Player Gun Gun Dealer Gun Held To Head Gun Under A Table Hand Vacuum Cleaner Heist Held At Gunpoint Heroin Hiding Hit By A Car Hit By An Ambulance Hospital Housewife Husband Wife Relationship Hypodermic Needle Impostor Informant Injection Inner Title Card Japanese Jazz Jesus Christ Jewelry JFK Jumping Off A Roof Junkie Kamikaze Kennedy Assassination Key Kicked In The Face Knife Lake Lapd Leg On Fire Lesbian Kiss Listening To A Tape Recorder Lock Los Angeles California Loss Of Wife Love Machine Gun Male Female Relationship Marriage Masked Man Massacre Medical Bill Meth Lab Methadone Methamphetamine Methedrine Microphone Missing Nose Money Montage Motel Mother Daughter Relationship Mother In Law Motorcycle Movie Camera Movie With Surprise Ending Multiple Identities Murder Murder Of Wife Mushroom Cloud Music Teacher Musician Neighbor Neo Noir Newsreel Footage Night Vision Nonlinear Timeline Nose Nuclear Explosion Overdose Pager Palmdale California Paranoia Party Penis Person On Fire Photograph Pigeon Pistol Plastic Nose Playing Pool Police Police Detective Police Officer Killed Policeman Psychopath Punk Haircut Rabies Rain Reference To Judas Iscariot Reference To Julia Child Reference To Shakespeares Hamlet Reference To The Prodigal Son Reference To Winnie The Pooh Remote Control Revelation Revenge Rhyming Rifle Ring Robbery Rooftop Sadist Salton Sea School Bus Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound Severed Nose Sex Sheriff Shooting Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Face Shot In The Head Shot In The Leg Shot In The Shoulder Shot In The Stomach Shot Through A Door Shot To Death Shotgun Shower Shower Curtain Silencer Singer Singing Ski Face Mask Skull Ring Slow Motion Scene Song Spear Gun Speed Freak Spider Stabbed In The Shoulder Stabbed In The Throat Stabbing Stakeout Sting Operation Sunglasses Surveillance Syringe Taser Tattoo Tears Tequilla Libre Texas Title Appears In Writing Title Spoken By Character Told In Flashback Torture Truck Trucker Trumpet Trumpet Player Tunnel Tweaker Undercover Underwear Urination Violence Voice Over Narration Walk On The Wild Side Wedding Ring Wheelchair Wilhelm Scream Wiretap WWII


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