La grande illusion (1937)
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La grande illusion 1937

La grande illusion: During 1st WW, two French officers are captured. Captain De Boeldieu is an aristocrat while Lieutenant Marechal was a mechanic in civilian life. They meet other prisoners from various backgrounds, as Rosenthal, son of wealthy Jewish bankers. They are separated from Rosenthal before managing to escape. A few months later, they meet again in a fortress commanded by the aristocrat Van Rauffenstein. De Boeldieu strikes up a friendship with him but Marechal and Rosenthal still want to escape...

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1910s Actor Adultery African Airplane Alps Amsterdam Netherlands Anti Fascist Anti Semitism Anti War Apology Aristocrat Arm Sling Axe Ball And Chain Bar Barbed Wire Barracks Bayonet Beret Berlin Germany Bicycling Black Officer Book Bordeaux France Border Crossing Border Patrol Botanist Bourgeoisie Bread And Water Broken Arm Brother Brother Relationship Brother In Law Brother In Law Relationship Brother Sister Relationship Bureaucrat Burned All Over Burning Book Cancan Dance Candle Captain Capture Castle Caudron Fighter Plane Cave In Celtic Ceremony Chair Placed Against A Door Champs Elysee Paris Changing Times Charleroi France Chateau Cheese Chimney Sweep Christmas Christmas Tree Cigarette Lighter Cigarette Smoking Class Differences Clothing Coffee Cognac Coincidence Commandant Communist Concert Controversy Corset Costume Count Counting Fingers Courage Cousin Cousin Relationship Cow Crawling Cross Cross Dressing Crucifix Crutches Crying Danish Death Death Of Brother Death Of Husband Digging Disguise Disruption Dog Downed Airplane Drink Drinking Drums Duty Dying Engineer Epernay France Escape Escape Attempt Extramarital Affair Extreme Unction Family Relationships Farm Farm Woman Farmhouse Father Son Relationship Fife Fighter Pilot Fighter Squadron Fire Flask Floorboard Flowers Flute Folies Bergère Food Foot Injury Fort Douaumont Verdun France Fortress Fouquets Restaurant Paris Fractured Spine French French Army French Soldier Frere Jacques Frisking Fugitive Futility Of Existence Game Preserve General Generosity Geranium German German Army German Imperial Army German Officer German Soldier Germany Girl Gloves Gothic Gramophone Grandfather Grandson Relationship Guitar Gun Gunfire Haircut Harmonica Heating Duct Hole In The Floor Honor Horse Horse And Wagon Hunger Hunting Husband Wife Relationship Immigrant Infidelity Infirmary Insanity Invalid Iron Cross Iron Shaped Burn Hole In Pants Ironing Jailer Jerusalem Jesus Christ Jew Jewish Slur Kiss Kitchen Utemsils La Marseillaise Language Barrier Lantern Latin Latrine Layfayette Esquadrille Leg Wound Letter Liege France Lieutenant Liverpool England Loneliness Love Loyalty Lyon France Mail Male Female Relationship Marching Marching Feet Marriage Maxim Gun Maxims Restaurant Paris Mechanic Military Military Attache Military Drill Military Officer Military Uniform Monocle Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Mountain Murder Nativity Scene Naturalized French Citizen Nco Newspaper Nobility Nurse Officers Club Old Woman One Armed Man Orchard Orderly Oxen Pain Paris France Patriotism Patrol Peasant Photograph Piano Piano Player Pilot Pineapple Pistol Policeman Polish Pow Prayer Pride Priest Prison Prison Cell Prison Guard Prisoner Of War Prisoner Of War Camp Proletarian Pulled Out Of A Hole By Ones Feet Record Player Recording Reference To Jehovah Reference To Joseph Reference To Pindar Reference To The Count Of Monte Cristo Reference To The French Revolution Rehearsal Religion Rifle Roll Call Rope Russian Russian Soldier Sabre Sacrifice Salute Santa Claus Scrubbing Floor Search Searchlight Sentry Sewer Sewing Sex Sharing A Bed With A Boy Shaving Shooting Shot To Death Shovel Silk Stockings Silver Plate In Kneecap Sing Along Singer Singing Single Mother Snow Snowball Fight Snowing Snowman Soccer Social Class Soldier Song Squadron Squirrel Stage Show Stinginess Stir Crazy Stomach Ailment Stretcher Stud Farm Suffocation Sugar Refinery Switzerland Sword Talking To A Cow Tannenberg France Tavern Teacher Tears Telephone Telephone Call Tennis Racket Theatre Audience Theatre Production Tickling Tour De France Train Transvestite Trust Tunnel Unfaithfulness Upper Class Vaudeville Vegetarian Verboten Verdun France Vienna Austria Villa Village Waltz Washing Feet Wheelbarrow White Gloves Widow Wig Wine Wolfisheim France Woods Working Class World Cup Wound Wreath Wristwatch Wurtemberg Germany WWI

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