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Abandoned Hospital Abduction Altered Version Of Studio Logo Anger Anti Hero Anti Villain Armored Truck Assault Atheist Attempted Murder Audit Axe Ballet Dancer Bank Manager Bank Robbery Bank Vault Based On Comic Based On Comic Book Batman Beating Beautiful Woman Betrayal Billiards Billionaire Black Comedy Black Mask Blackmail Blockbuster Blood Boat Body Landing On A Car Bound And Gagged British Actor Playing American Character Broken Ankle Broken Leg Bruise Bullet Proof Automobile Burned Alive Burning Money Burnt Face Business Card Butler Camouflage Cape Car Chase Car Crash Car Set On Fire Cellular Phone Chaos Character Repeating Someone Elses Dialogue Chase Chelsea Smile Chief Executive Officer Child In Danger Child In Peril Clown Clown Face Clown Makeup Clown Mask Coin Tossing Comic Hero Concept Car Conflicted Hero Conscience Copycat Courage Crime Boss Crime Fighter Criminal Critically Acclaimed Cult Favorite Dagger Damsel In Distress Danger Dark Hero Dark Past Darkness DC Comics Death Death Of Cast Member Death Of Friend Death Of Girlfriend Death Of Loved One Defenestration Detonator Disfigured Face Disfigurement District Attorney Dog Dog Attack Double Life Drug Dealer Dual Identity Dying Young Eccentric Electrocution Endurance Epic Escalation Escape Evacuation Evil Evil Clown Evil Man Evil Smile Exploding Building Exploding Car Exploding Helicopter Explosion Face Paint Fake Nurse Faked Death Falling Down Stairs Falling From Height False Accusation Famous Line Father Figure Father Son Relationship Fictional City Film With Ambiguous Title Fire Flying Foreshadow Friendship Fundraiser Funeral Gadget Gadget Car Gangster Gas Grenade Glasgow Smile Good Versus Evil Gotham Gothic Green Hair Hate Held At Gunpoint Helicopter Helicopter Crash Hero Heroism Hidden Lab Hong Kong Honor Hope Hospital Hostage Hung Upside Down Husband Wife Relationship Idealism Impalement Impostor Insanity Interrogation Joker Judge Justice Kidnapping Killer Clown Knife Lamborghini Laughing Lawyer Letter Lifting Someone Into The Air Love Love Triangle Machine Gun Mafia Magic Trick Man Dressed As Woman Man Wearing Wig Man With Glasses Man With No Name Martial Arts Mask Masked Criminal Masked Hero Masked Man Masked Superhero Masked Vigilante Masked Villain Masochist Mass Murder Master Servant Relationship Mauling Mayor Money Laundering Moral Dilemma Mother Son Relationship Motorcycle Murder Mutilation Near Death Experience Neo Noir Newscaster Night Nihilism No Opening Credits No Title At Beginning Number In Characters Name Nurse Uniform One Man Army Organized Crime Overturning Car Painted Face Panic Parallel Montage Party Pencil Penthouse Person On Fire Pistol Playing Card Pleading Poison Police Police Brutality Police Chase Police Commissioner Police Corruption Police Detective Police Officer Killed Police Station Presumed Dead Pretending To Be Dead Prison Psychological Manipulation Psychological Torture Psychopath Reference To Abraham Lincoln Reference To Elvis Presley Rescue Resignation Returning Character With Different Actor Revenge Revolver Rivalry Robbery Rocket Launcher Rottweiler Russian Mafia Ruthlessness Sadism Same Director As Prequel Sarcastic Clapping Scar Scarred Face Schizophrenia School Bus School Bus Driver Seaplane Second Part Secret Identity Secret Past Self Sacrifice Sequel Servant Slow Motion Scene Social Commentary Sonar Star Died Before Release Subjective Camera Super Villain Superhero SWAT Team Terrorism Threatened With A Knife Thrown From A Building Thrown From A Car Thrown Off Balcony Thrown Through A Window Tied Up Title At The End Title Spoken By Character Tragic Hero Tragic Villain Urban Setting Video Footage Vigilante Vigilantism Villain Violence Visionary Watching TV Weapon Window Wuxia Fiction Yelling Youth

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