Persepolis (2007)
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Persepolis 2007

Persepolis: Poignant coming-of-age story of a precocious and outspoken young Iranian girl that begins during the Islamic Revolution.

Solar rating:10 /10

Version 1 Promo Host 285 views
Version 2 Promo Host 153 views
Version 3 672 views
Version 4 1083 views
Version 5 Promo Host 386 views
Version 6 452 views
Version 7 1285 views
Version 8 1229 views
Version 9 549 views
Version 10 529 views
Version 11 490 views


1970s 1980s 1990s ABBA Adaptation Directed By Original Author Adult Animation Advice Air Raid Airport Anarchist Anger Animated Sex Arrest Art History Art Student Austria Autobiographical Based On Autobiography Based On Comic Based On Comic Book Based On Graphic Novel Based On Novel Basement Beauty Spot Bed Bedtime Story Bicycle Black Market Blizzard Blood Bombing Breasts Broken Glass Bronchitis Brooch Burial Burqa Cafe Caspian Sea Cemetery Chase Cheating On Girlfriend Childhood Choice Christmas Cigarette Smoking City Classroom Coming Of Age Communist Convent Cowardice Credit Card Crying Curiosity Dancing Danger Dead Body Death Democracy Depression Despair Diabetes Dignity Divorce Doctor Dog Dream Drug Abuse Drug Use Election Execution Exile Expatriate Falling From Height False Accusation False Passport Family Relationships Farewell Father Daughter Relationship Fear Firing Squad First Love Flashback Flower France Freedom Friend Friendship Funeral Gay Character God Godzilla Government Repression Grandmother Granddaughter Relationship Grave Grocery Store Hashish Head Scarf Headscarf Heart Attack Heavy Metal High School Homeless Woman Homelessness Homosexual Honesty Hospital Hugging Hypocrisy Idealism Ideology Iran Iranian Revolution Iraq Iran War Iron Maiden Islamic Revolution Jasmine Justice Key Life Drawing Lodging Long Distance Call Loud Music Loudspeaker Male Female Relationship Marriage Martyr Memory Missile Mohawk Haircut Morality Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Movie Theater Musical Number Muslim Neighbor Newlywed Nihilism Nun Operation Paris France Party Passport Penis Joke Pills Pipe Smoking Police Raid Political Exile Political Prisoner Political Repression Politics Premarital Sex Prescription Drugs Prison Protest Protest March Psychologist Psychotherapy Puberty Punk Rock Puppet Show Reading Reckless Driving Religious Intolerance Repression Revolution Rock Club Rooftop Rubble School Teacher Sculpture Selfishness Separation From Family Sexism Shah Shah Of Iran Shower Side Effect Siren Sneakers Snow Storytelling Study Abroad Subculture Supermarket Surrealism Swamp Swan Tank Taxi Teacher Tears Teenage Boy Tehran Iran Telephone Call The Bee Gees Toilet Tombstone Torture Travel Treatment Tyranny Uncle Niece Relationship Unfaithful Boyfriend University USSR Veil Vienna Austria Voice Over Narration Volkswagen Vomit War Veteran Watching TV Wedding Wheelchair Wine Wine Making Women Fight Wound Yodel Yodeling Young Love


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