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1970s 1980s Accordion African American African American Slur Art Competition Art Gallery Artificial Leg Artist Aryan Brotherhood Aunt Nephew Relationship Bare Breasts Bare Butt Barrio Based On True Story Beating Betrayal Beverly Hills California Bible Biracial Bird Birthday Black American Black American Slur Black Militant Blood Blow Job Blow Torch Box Office Flop Boxer Boxing Boxing Club Boy Bribe Broken Back Brother Brother Relationship Burial Bus Camera Cane Car Accident Car Chase Card Playing Carving With Knife Into Chest Catholic Catholic Church Cemetery Chase Chicano Chino California Cigarette Smoking Cinco De Mayo City Hall Class Differences Cocaine Coffin Colombia Cooking Cousin Cousin Relationship Cripple Cross Crossing Self Crotch Grab Crucifix Cutting Hand Dancer Dancing Dangled Over Railing Death Death By Overdose Death Of Boy Design College Of Los Angeles Destiny Detective Drag Queen Drug Abuse Drug Addict Drug Addiction Drug Overdose Drug Use East Los Angeles California Eating Ecuador El Salvador Epic Ethnic Slur Explosion Face Mask Face Slap Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Fellatio Female Nudity Fight Flashback Food Foosball Friend Friendship Funeral Gang Gang War Garage Gay Kiss Gay Slur Ged Golden Gloves Graffiti Grandfather Grandson Relationship Graveyard Growing Up Grudge Gto Guatemala Gun Hair Net Half Brother Half Brother Relationship Hand Slammed In Car Door Hanging Over Railing Hate Heist Heroin Hispanic Homosexual Honor Hospital Hypodermic Needle Injection Juvenile Delinquent Kern County California Kiss Kitchen Kitchen Accident Knife Knife Held To Throat La Onda Landlord Las Vegas Nevada Latina Latino Law Law Library Lawyer Library Loan Shark Los Angeles California Los Angeles River Channel Machismo Male Female Relationship Male Male Kiss Male Nudity Marijuana Megalomaniac Mexican Mexican American Money Morphine Mother Son Relationship Movie With Twist In The End Mural Murder Murder By Blow Torch Murdered In A Church Narc Nudity Nurse Obscene Finger Gesture Organized Crime Ostracism Pain Killer Painter Painting Painting A Car Panama Parole Parole Board Parolee Party Paycheck PCP Penis Photograph Pico Aliso East Los Angeles Police Police Car Policeman Power Prejudice Prison Prison Gang Prison Guard Prison Rape Prison Riot Prisoner Probation Professional Hit Protege Racial Slur Racism Rape Rat Recidivism Reckless Driving Reference To Joaquin Marietta Reference To Little Bo Peep Reference To Pancho Villa Reference To Ronald Reagan Reference To The Los Angeles Lakers Rehabilitation Revenge Rifle Riot Robbery Role Model Rooster Running San Quentin Penitentiary Scholarship Serial Murder Sex Shooting Shooting Up Shootout Shot In The Back Shower Slow Motion Scene Spit In The Face Spleen Injury Spray Paint Stabbing Stakeout Stepbrother Stepbrother Relationship Stepfather Stepson Relationship Stick And Cut Strangulation Street Life Street Market Studying Sucking On Finger Sunglasses Tattoo Tequila Theft Thief Topless Female Nudity Towel Tragedy Tragic Event U Turn Uncle Nephew Relationship Undercover Cop Underwear US Marine Corps Van Violence Virgin Mary Statue Watching TV Weightlifting Wheelchair White Power Whittier California Yucatan

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