La meglio gioventù (2003)
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La meglio gioventù 2003

La meglio gioventù: Nicola and Matteo Carati are two brothers of Rome, who live the years from 1966 to 2000 and all the events which have signed this period. They begin their adventure, helping Giorgia, a young girl confined in an asylum. Then, after the flood of Florence, Nicola meets Giulia a talented piano player with a dangerous sympathy for the BR. Alessio, a rebel spirit entered in the police, will find the optimistic photographer Mirella. These four characters and many others will cross the years of terrorism and Tangentopoli.

Solar rating:7 /10

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1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s Absent Mother Accordion Accusation Airplane Airport Alcoholism Alfa Romero Alitalia Airlines Ambulance Ambush Amphitheater Ruins Anni Di Piombo Anti War Apennine Mountains Archaeology Army Arrest Art Art Gallery Art Restoration Artisan Assassination Aunt Niece Relationship Balcony Bank Of Italy Banker Banner Barn Barracks Basic Training Beach Beach House Beating Beccaio Florence Italy Bedroom Bedtime Story Beirut Lebanon Bible Billy Club Blockade Blood Blood Test Bologna Italy Bolzano Italy Bombing Book Bowling Bowling Alley Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Breakup Brenner Pass Italy Brigate Rosse Broken Glass Brother Brother Relationship Brother Sister Relationship Brutality Building Contractor Building Renovation Bunk Bed Cafe Cambridge University Camera Campo De Fiori Rome Cancer Candle Capri Italy Capture Car Race Card Playing Castanets Cathedral Catholic Celebration Cemetery Champagne Charlie Chaplin Chase Childbirth Children Cigarette Smoking Class Cocaine Coffin Collective Collective Memories College College Student Colosseum Comic Book Communism Communist Comrade Condom Construction Company Construction Crane Construction Site Construction Worker Corpse Corruption Court Courtroom Cousin Cousin Relationship Craftsman Crime Scene Cross Dance Dancer Dancing Darkroom Dead Body Death Death Of Brother Death Of Father Death Of Husband Death Of Mother Death Of Son Death Of Uncle Defector Denmark Dictation Dinosaur Skeleton Doctor Dormitory Draft Evasion Drawing Drinking Drug Trafficking Drunkenness Eating Flower Economics Electroshock Therapy Embarrassment Engineer Epic Escape Escaped Mental Patient Exam Expatriate Eyeglasses Factory Factory Worker False Passport Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Fear Female Nudity Fencing Fiat Fight Fired From The Job Fireworks Flashlight Flood Florence Italy Forgiveness Forty Something Freedom French Friendship Funeral Gambling Gay Slur Genius Gorizia Italy Grandfather Granddaughter Relationship Grandmother Granddaughter Relationship Grandmother Grandson Relationship Grass Snake Graveyard Grief Guilt Guitar Gun Haircut Hamburg Germany Happy New Year Hieroglyphics Hippie Hitchhiker Hitchhiking Homosexuality Husband Wife Relationship Id Illness Industry Inflation Insane Asylum Insanity Interrogation Intrigue Investigation Israel Italian Italian Army Italian Border Italian History Italian Soldier Italy Japanese Jealousy Judge Jukebox Jumping Off A Balcony Jumping Off Balcony Kidnapping Kiss Labor Strike Labor Union Latin Lava Lamp Lawyer Lebanon Letter Liar Library Lie Lieutenant Lipari Italy Logotherapy Love Madonna And Child Mafia Mail Mail Plane Male Female Relationship Male Nudity Marriage Marriage Proposal Massacre Mathematician Mathematics Medical Student Melodrama Memory Menstruation Mental Illness Mental Patient Military Military Enlistment Mime Mobile Telephone Money Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Daughter Reunion Mother Son Relationship Motor Scooter Motorboat Movie Theater Movie Theatre Murder Museum Musician Naples Italy Neck Brace Necklace Netherlands New Years Eve New York Newsreel Footage Nightclub Nightstick Norway Norwegian Nudity Nurse Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Old Woman Orchard Organ Oxford University Pain Painter Painting Palermo Italy Palestine Paralysis Paraplegic Park Park Bench Party Patient Patient Abuse Pay Phone Peace Philosophy Phone Booth Photo Exhibit Photo Gallery Photographer Photography Physical Therapy Pianist Piano Piano Score Pier Paolo Pasolini Pietracamela Italy Poem Poetry Polaroid Police Police Brutality Police Headquarters Police Officer Policeman Political Activism Political Corruption Politician Politics Postcard Pregnancy Premarital Sex Priest Prison Prison Guard Prison Visitation Prisoner Professor Promise Prostitute Protest Psychiatric Evaluation Psychiatric Hospital Psychiatrist Psychiatry Railroad Track Railway Station Ravenna Italy Reading Reckless Driving Red Brigade Reference To Abraham Lincoln Reference To Achilles Reference To Ajax Reference To Allen Ginsberg Reference To Atlas Reference To Cecco Angiolieri Reference To Charlie Chaplin Reference To Elvis Presley Reference To Fausto Leali Reference To Franco Basaglia Reference To Ingrid Bergman Reference To Mao Tse Tung Reference To Maso Di Banco Reference To Napoleon Reference To Pier Paolo Pasolini Reference To Ravel Reference To Sandie Shaw Reference To Scrooge McDuck Reference To Sherwood Anderson Reference To The Cherry Orchard Reference To Ugo Foscolo Religion Repentance Report Card Restaurant Revolution Revolutionary Rifle Riot Riot Police Road Trip Roman Dialect Roman Forum Gardens Roman God Rome Italy Runaway Sailboat Sawmill Schizophrenia School Search Secret Service Seduction Selling Piano Sex Sex In A Car Sex In Car Shooting Sicilian Sicily Italy Siena Italy Sign Language Silence Singer Single Father Sister In Law Sister In Law Relationship Skeleton Skinny Dipping Slaughterhouse Slavery Soccer Soldier Song Spanish Orange Spirituality Spoleto Italy Stealing Student Demonstration Stupinigi Turin Italy Subjective Camera Sucking Blood Suffering Suicide Suicide By Jumping Off A Balcony Suicide By Jumping Off Balcony Suicide Of Brother Suicide Of Son Suicide Of Uncle Sunglasses Surgeon Sweden Swimming Swimsuit Tangentopoli Tango Teacher Teenage Girl Terrorism Testimony Theatre Audience Theft Thief Thong Tie Dye Tied To A Bed Tied To Bed Toilet Train Tram Treviso Italy Trial Trust Turin Italy Tuscany Italy TV News Typewriter Uncle Nephew Relationship University Unwed Pregnancy Val Dorcia Tuscany Italy Venezuela Verdict Vietnam War Villa Celimontana Rome Villa Quieta Morocco Village Violence Voice Over Inner Thoughts Voice Over Letter Voice Over Narration Volcano Water Balloon Waterfall Wedding Wedding Reception Wheelchair Whiskey Whore Widow Wine Witness Word Processing Working Class World Cup Years Of Lead

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