La coda dello scorpione (1971)
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La coda dello scorpione 1971

La coda dello scorpione: A plane explodes; one passenger is a London businessman whos insured for $1 million. His unfaithful wife is the beneficiary. The insurance agency arranges to pay, but also assigns their top investigator, Peter Lynch, to sniff out irregularities. The widow goes to Greece for the payout; Peter follows her, introducing himself. He becomes her protector and her companion, but the relationship is short lived. She has decided to take the money in cash and plans an immediate trip to Tokyo. Is she guilty of her husbands murder, and if so, whos her accomplice? An Athenian police inspector, an Interpol agent, and a French photojournalist join Lynch in the investigation.

Solar rating:6 /10

Version 1 Promo Host 484 views
Version 2 Promo Host 531 views
Version 3 Promo Host 311 views


Accomplice Adulterous Wife Adultery Affection Airplane Airplane Accident Airport Alone Anger Apartment Athens Greece Attempted Murder Attraction Axe Beautiful Woman Bed Bedroom Beneficiary Betrayal Bikini Bitterness Black Gloves Blackmail Blade Bleeding Blonde Blood Blood Spatter Blood Stain Blouse Bludgeoning Boat Bomb Onboard Plane Bottle Bra And Panties Breasts Broken Bottle Broken Glass Broken Window Brutality Camera Car Cash Chase Cigarette Smoking City Close Up Closet Clue Confusion Corpse Crash Through Window Crime Investigation Cruelty Cufflink Cult Director Cult Favorite Curtain Danger Dark Past Dark Secret Darkness Darkroom Dead Body Dead Man Dead Woman Dead Woman On Floor Deception Desire Desperation Detective Disfigurement Disturbed Individual Doll Drink Drug Addict Embarrassment Escape Attempt Ex Lover Extortion Eye Gouging Fall From Height Fall To Death Fear Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Female Rear Nudity Female Victim Fighting Following Friend Frustration Giallo Glasses Good Versus Evil Gore Hallway Handshake Harpoon Gun Hat Hidden Money Hiding Hit In The Head Homicide Hotel Hotel Room House Infidelity Injury Insanity Insurance Investigator Insurance Policy Interpol Officer Investigation Island Jacket Jealousy Jigsaw Puzzle Killer Killing Kiss Kissing Knife Knife Murder Letter Light Lingerie London England Love Interest Lover Male Nudity Maniac Manipulation Mask Masked Man Mass Murder Menace Millionaire Mind Game Mirror Moaning Movie With Twist In The End Multiple Murder Multiple Stabbing Murder Murder Mystery Murder Threat Mysterious Death Mysterious Man Night Nipples Obsession Opera House Pain Panic Paranoia Passion Peep Hole Peeping Tom Perversion Phone Booth Photo Enlargement Photograph Photography Photojournalist Pleasure Point Of View Police Police Inspector Psycho Killer Psycho Thriller Psychopathic Killer Rain Rescue Restaurant Revelation Robbery Rooftop Room Running Sabotage Sadism Sadness Scream Search Secret Seduction Sensuality Serial Killer Sex Sexual Attraction Sexual Desire Sexuality Shadow Shirt Shot In The Back Slashing Slow Motion Spiral Staircase Splatter Stabbed In The Belly Stabbed In The Eye Stabbed In The Hand Stabbed In The Stomach Stabbed To Death Stabbing Stalker Stalking Stalking By Night Steward Stewardess Stocking Mask Stockings Street Sunglasses Surprise Suspense Suspicion Sweater Switchblade Telephone Telephone Call Television Television News Thong Threat Throat Slitting Trauma Underwater Cave Unfaithful Wife Unfaithfulness Violence Voyeur Watching Television Water Window

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