The Holy Mountain (1973)
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The Holy Mountain 1973

The Holy Mountain: A Christlike figure wanders through bizarre, grotesque scenarios filled with religious and sacrilegious imagery...

Solar rating:6 /10

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Absurd Humor Absurdism Actor Director Writer Alchemist Alchemy Alcohol Alien Altar Amputee Animal Sex Apparition Architecture Artificial Face Avant Garde Axe Baby Balloon Balloon Flight Banquet Bar Bare Breasts Bare Butt Bare Chested Male Bath Bathing Bathroom Bathtub Bayonet Beating Bed Bird Blindness Blood Boa Constrictor Boat Body Paint Bodyguard Bomb Book Of The Dead Boy Nudity Breaking The Fourth Wall Breathing Tube Brutality Buddha Buried Horse Burning Money Bus Cadaver Cake Camel Camera Candy Cane Carrying Cross Casket Castration Catholic Cello Cemetery Ceremony Chain Chamber Pot Chameleon Chauffeur Chicken Chief Of Police Child Nudity Children Chimpanzee Christ Figure Cigar Smoking Circus Clown Cocaine Coffin Comic Book Computer Corpse Cross Crossing Self Crucifix Crucifixion Crutches Cult Favorite Cupping Glass Dance Dancer Dancing Dead Animal Dead Bird Dead Child Deafness Death Demon Demonstration Dice Directed By Star Dismemberment Dog Dogfight Dove Drink Drinking Drowning Drug Use Drugs Drum Drummer Drunkenness Dwarf Earphones Eating Horse Meat Elephant Enlightenment Eunuch Excrement Execution Existentialism Exotic Animal Experimental Film Explosion Factory Factory Worker Falcon Fan Dancer Fascism Father Son Relationship Fear Feather Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Female Warrior Fictional War Fig Leaf Fight Finger Cut Off Fire Firing Squad Flower Food Fountain Frog Garter Belt Gas Chamber Gas Mask Gay Geese Glass Eye Glyph Goat God Gold Gold Coin Gold Nugget Goldfish Gore Government Graveyard Greed Green Hair Grenade Guard Guitar Gun Guru Hair Dye Hall Of Mirrors Head Shaving Helicopter Helmet Hermaphrodite Hippie Hippopotamus Holy Mountain Homosexual Homosexuality Horse Horse Riding Husband Wife Relationship Ice Sculpture Immortality Initiation Invented Language Jaguar Jesus Christ Jew Journey Jumping Through A Hoop Jupiter The Planet Kiss Kissing Hand Knife Knitting Lamb Laxative Lederhosen Leg Brace Lesbian Lesbianism Licking Lima Peru Limousine Loincloth Lover LSD Magic Act Magician Male Female Relationship Male Frontal Nudity Male Nudity Male Secretary Man Dancing With Man Mannequin Manuscript Marching Marijuana Marketplace Mars The Planet Mask Massacre Massage Masturbation Mating Animals Mattress Mayan Meditation Menorah Mexico Midget Midnight Movie Mirror Modern Art Mohawk Haircut Money Mother Son Relationship Mountain Mountain Climbing Mouse Mouse Costume Multiple Amputee Mummy Muscleman Mushroom Mysticism Neptune The Planet Nihilism Nothingness Nudity Nun Old Man Ox Pantheon Party Peg Leg Pelican Penis Peru Peruvian Phobia Piano Pig Pilgrimage Pills Planet Pluto The Planet Poet Poetry Police President Priest Procession Produced By Actor Produced By Director Prosthetic Body Part Prostitute Psychedelia Pubic Hair Python Quest Rainbow Ray Gun Religion Religious Icon Religious Statue Revolution Rifle Rite Ritual Rock n Roll Roman Soldier Rowboat Santa Claus Suit Saturn The Planet Scissors Sculpture Seagull Secretary Self Delusion Self Impalement Semen Seven Deadly Sins Severed Arm Severed Leg Sex Ship Shooting Shotgun Skull Slideshow Snake Snow Solar System Soldier Spider Spiritual Journey Spirituality Starfish Statue Stoning Stripper Striptease Surrealism Surrender Sword Symbolism Tarantula Tarot Tattoo Teleportation Testicles Theft Thief Threesome Throne Tiger Toad Toilet Tourist Tower Toy Toy Factory Toy Gun Toy Horse Transformation Transvestite Tree Tumor Undressing Uranus The Planet Vagina Venus The Planet Very Little Dialogue Violence Voice Over Narration Vomit Vulture Walking On Knees Warehouse Washing Feet Weapon Wheelchair Whipping Writer Director Written By Star Zen

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