Bon voyage (2003)
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Bon voyage 2003

Bon voyage: At the start of World War II, the fate of the free world hangs in the balance at the posh Hotel Splendide in Bordeaux. Cabinet members, journalists, physicists, and spies of all persuasions gather in order to escape the Nazi occupation of Paris. High society socialites hobnob with jailbirds. Murderous intrigues, scientific secrets and love affairs flourish.

Solar rating:6 /10

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1940s Actor Actress Air Raid Air Raid Siren Airplane Algiers Algeria Armistice Arrest Atomic Bomb Attic Audience Auto Theft Backpack Backstage Bar Bayonne France Beach Belgium Bicycle Blood Boat Bordeaux France Bordeaux Opera British Sailor Broken Hip Brother Sister Relationship Bunk Bed Bus Cabinet Minister Cafe Cambridge England Capitulation Car Accident Car Chase Castelnaud France Chain Reaction Chartres France Chase Chemical Chemistry Chief Of Police Children Cigarette Smoking Cinema Circular Staircase Complicity With The Enemy Corpse Countess Crashing Into Police Alarm Pole Crook Crying Dampierre France Dancer Dancing Dead Body Dead Body In Car Trunk Death Death Of Uncle Deceit Deception Deserter Dijon France Dog Drink Drinking Drunkenness Dubbing Eavesdropping Emigrant England Escape Evacuation Exile Exodus Face Slap Falsely Accused Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Fight Film Star Film Studio Film Within A Film Fistfight Fog Following Someone Forest Frame Up France French General French Government French National Assembly French Soldier Friend Friendship Gangster Garage Garden Geneva Switzerland German German Army German Occupation Of France German Officer German Soldier German Spy Girls School Grandfather Granddaughter Relationship Gun Gunshot Handcuffed Together Handcuffs Head Butt Head Under Water Faucet Heavy Water Hiding A Dead Body Hotel Hotel Raphael Paris Hotel Splendide Bordeaux Illness Intrigue Invasion Jew Jewel Jewish Journalist Kiss Lawyer Le Taillan France Les Landres France Lesparre France Letter Liar Lie Limousine Lisbon Portugal Love Triangle Maid Male Female Relationship Manipulation Manuscript Marseilles France Mexico Mirror Mistress Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Motorcycle Movie Theatre Murder Murder Of Uncle Nazi Neighbor Neutron Newspaper Headline Nice France North Africa Novel Novelist Nun On The Lam Orleans France Parachute Paris France Park Perfume Photograph Physicist Physics Physics Lab Poem Poet Poissy France Police Police Headquarters Policeman Politician Portugal Prison Prison Cell Prison Escape Prisoner Producer Professor Publisher Pursuit Rain Reckless Driving Reference To Charles Degaulle Reference To Edwige Feuillère Reference To Hitler Reference To Marshal Petain Refugee Reporter Resistance Roadblock Robbery Rue Royale Paris Rue Sufflot Paris Running Russian Saint Denis Paris Saint Vivien France Scandal School Scientist Secret Formula Secretary Senegal Shooting Shootout Sidecar Singer Singing Skylight Song Souillac France South America Spy Standing Ovation Station Wagon Stuck Car Student Suitcase Surveillance Suspect Suspense Tears Telegraph Telephone Call Theatre Theatre Audience Theft Thief Title Spoken By Character Top Secret Train Train Ride Traitor Truce Truck Trust Tunis Tunisia Typewriter Umbrella Uncle Nephew Relationship Underground Vichy France Visa Waiter Warehouse Watching Movie Windshield Wiper Wine Woods Wound Writer Writing WWII


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