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1980s 2010s Achilles Tendon Cut Adaptation Directed By Original Author Alternate Future Alternate History Amnesia Amputated Arm Anarchy Anime Anti Hero Anti War Anti War Movement Architect Arm Ripped Off Army Captain Army Private Assault Rifle Asteroid Automobile Bar Bare Breasts Bare Chested Male Based On Comic Book Based On Graphic Novel Based On Manga Beating Betrayal Biker Biker Gang Biological Weapon Bleeding Blood Blood Draining Blood Spatter Body Horror Body Torn Apart Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Breaking Through Door Bridge Briefcase Broken Glass Broken Windshield Bruise Brush Bullet Dodging Burned Alive Cape Captain Chase Child In Peril Choking To Death Clothes Torn Off Clown Club Coercion Comic Corpse Corrupt Police Coup Detat Covered In Blood Cult Cartoon Cult Favorite Cult Movie Cut Arm Cyberpunk Dead Body In Bathtub Death Of Dog Deception Destiny Destroyed Bridge Disappearance Distorted Voice Dog Dystopia Dystopic Future End Of The Universe End Of The World Escalator Evolution Exploding Body Exploding Head Exploding Helicopter Explosion Falling Glass Female Nudity Fictional War Fight Fire Firearm Friend Future Gang Gang Violence Gas Mask Gatling Gun General Gore Government Gunfire H Bomb Hallucination Handcuffs Head Blown Off Held At Gunpoint Helicopter Helicopter Accident Helicopter Crash Heroism Hit In The Face Hit In The Head Hole In Wall Hospital Hospital Bed Hospital Gown Hovercraft Human Experiment Human Monster Illusion Impersonation Inferiority Complex Injection Interrogation Japan Japanese Japanese Army Killing A Dog Knife In Thigh Knocked Out Laser Gun Lifting Person In Air Love Love At First Sight Machine Gun Man Crushed By Car Man Punching A Woman Manipulation Memory Mercy Killing Metamorphosis Microphone Midget Military Base Military Officer Milk Mind Control Misdirection Motorcycle Motorcycle Gang Murder Mutant Mutation Mutilation News Report Nightmare Nihilism Nuclear Explosion Nuclear Holocaust Nuclear Holocaust Aftermath Nuclear War Nudity On The Run One Word Title Paranoia Paranormal Phenomena Paraplegic Photograph Pill Pistol Police Police Brutality Political Corruption Post Apocalypse Post Holocaust Post Nuclear War Power Outage Premonition Prison Prologue Prosthetic Limb Psionic Power Psychic Psychic Power Psychokinesis Punched In The Face Radar Red Gloves Remorse Revelation Riot Ruin Scientist Screaming In Pain Secret Secret Government Organization Secret Organization Seizure Self Mutilation Self Sacrifice Severed Arm Severed Head Severed Limb Sewer Shield Shot In The Face Shot Multiple Times Shot Through Chest Shot Through Wall Shotgun Sick Child Side Effect Slaughter Social Activism Soldier Spirituality Splatter Split In Two Spotlight Stabbed In The Foot Stadium Statue Super Speed Super Strength Superhuman Supernatural Power Surrealism Swallowed Whole Tank Tech Noir Techne Technology Gone Amok Teddy Bear Teenage Boy Telekinesis Telekinetic Telepathy Tied Up Title Appears In Writing Title Spoken By Character Tokyo Japan Topless Female Nudity Torn Flesh Torn In Half Torso Cut In Half Toy Toy Comes To Life Transformation Ultraviolence Urban Decay Vigilante Virtuality Vision Of The Future Vote Weapon Weapon Of Mass Destruction Wounded By Gunshot Wreck Writing On Wall Wwiii


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