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Actor Shares First Name With Character Air Duct Air Marshal Airplane Altered Version Of Studio Logo Arch Villain Assassination Auto Theft Ballroom Dancing Based On TV Series Beethovens Ninth Symphony Betrayal Big Man Birthday Cake Box Office Hit Breaking Through A Door Butt Slap Car Crash Car Train Collision Cell Phone Character Name In Title Chechnya Classical Concert Closing Credits Sequence Concert Hall Convertible Crashing Through A Door Dance Dancing Disguise Dog Double Agent Double Cross Driving Range Espionage Exploding Building Exploding Car Face Slap Fall From Height Falling Through The Floor False Accusation Fat Suit Ferrari Fight Flamethrower Flashback Fly Gadget Gay Kiss Held At Gunpoint Hit By A Bus Hit By A Door Hit By A Train Hit In Head With Fire Extinguisher Hit In The Face Hit With A Chair Imperative In Title Ineptitude Jailbreak James Bond Spoof Jump Through Window Jumping From An Airplane Kicked In The Crotch Kicked In The Face Knocked Out Laser Lavatory Leg Legs Los Angeles California Male Female Relationship Male Hug Male Nudity Male To Male Kiss Moscow Russia Motorcycle Murder Night Vision Nuclear Weapon Obesity Obscene Finger Gesture Obscene Gesture Old Man Beats Up Young Man Paintball Gun Piano Pistol Plastic Surgery Punched In The Face Radioactive Material Raised Middle Finger Remake Robot Russia Secret Agent Secret Entrance Secret Headquarters Secret Organization Secret Service Shoe Shot In The Chest Shot In The Crotch Shot In The Ear Shot In The Face Shot In The Foot Shot In The Leg Skydiving Spoof Spy Spy Hero Spy Spoof Stapler Storm Drain Strong Man Surveillance SWAT Team Swiss Army Knife Technician Telephone Booth Thrown From A Bridge Thrown Through A Window Tied Up Top Secret Traitor Urination US President US Vice President Usb Video Surveillance Violin Vomit Walking Into A Trap Washington DC Weaponry


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