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1980s 1990s 2000s Actor Talks To Audience Adolescent Boy Affection Anger Apartment Apartment Building Audience Audio Cassette Baldness Based On Book Based On Novel Beautiful Woman Bed Bedroom Bitterness Black Humor Black Woman Blonde Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Break Up Breaking The Fourth Wall Bruce Springsteen Brunette Campus Caress Chicago Illinois Classic Rock Music Club DJ College College Campus College Student Couch Crowd Crying Curtains Death Of Father Desire Disappointment Discussion Doubt Drink Drinking Drunken Telephone Call Dumped By Girlfriend Ex Boyfriend Ex Girlfriend Falling In Love Fantasy Sequence Fat Man Fear Flashback Fondling Friend Friendship Frustration Funeral Grudge Headphones Heavy Rain High School High School Student House Hugging Immaturity Insecurity Irony Jacket Jealousy Joy Kiss Kissing Laughing Live Music Living Room Long Hair Looking At Camera Loss Of Father Loss Of Girlfriend Love Male Female Relationship Man With Glasses Marriage Proposal Memory Misfit Music Store Musician No Opening Credits Obscene Finger Gesture Pop Music Pun In Title Rage Rain Rainy Night Reconciliation Record Collection Record Label Record Producer Record Store Recording Reference To Beethoven Reference To Bruce Springsteen Reference To Johnny Cash Rock Music Room Sadness Sarcasm Self Doubt Sex Sex In Car Sexual Attraction Sexual Desire Sexuality Shoplifting Shyness Sidewalk Singing Small Business Sofa Song Soul Music Store Storekeeper Street Student Talking To Camera Teenage Boy Telephone Telephone Call Thirty Something Twenty Something University University Student Vinyl Wet Window Word Play In Title World Music Wrath


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