Ip Man (2008)
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Ip Man 2008

Ip Man: A semi-biographical account of Yip Man, the first martial arts master to teach the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun.

Solar rating:8 /10

Version 1 Promo Host 466 views
Version 2 Promo Host 761 views
Version 3 Promo Host 1105 views
Version 4 vidcloud9.com 652 views
Version 5 vidcloud9.com 87 views
Version 6 hydrax.net 1278 views
Version 7 gcloud.live 180 views


1930s Action Hero Angry Mob Armored Vehicle Bandit Barbed Wire Based On Historical Events Based On Real Person Battle Bayonet Beaten To Death Betrayal Black Belt Blockbuster Blood Bodyguard Boss Bravery Broken Back Broken Leg Broken Vase Challenge Character Name In Title Character Repeating Someone Elses Dialogue Children China Chinese Chinese Japanese Chinese Restaurant Christ Allegory Cigarette Smoking Coal Mine Colonel Compassion Competitor Coolie Cotton Mill Cripple Culture Clash Dinner Divine Retribution Duel Dying Repeatedly Ear Bleeding Epic Face Slap Faked Death Fall From Height Falling Off Stage Family In Danger Family Relationships Fascism Father Son Relationship Feather Duster Fight Fight To The Death Finger Gun First Of Trilogy First Part Fist Fight Flashback Former Police Officer Friendship General Gift Of Flowers Good Versus Evil Grandmaster Hand Wound Hatchet Held At Gunpoint Heroism Hide And Seek Hit In The Throat Hit With Metal Pipe Hit With Stick Honor Husband Wife Relationship Imitation Imprisonment Inspector Interpreter Invasion Jammed Gun Japanese Japanese Flag Japanese General Japanese Invasion Japanese Occupation Of China Japanese Soldier Japanese Versus Chinese Kamikaze Kick In Stomach Kicked In The Face Kite Knocked Out Lackey Lighter Loss Of Brother Market Martial Artist Martial Arts Martial Arts Tournament Master Medicine Military Mill Owner Morality Murder Neck Breaking Northerner One Against Many One Against Others Patriarch Patriotism Pistol Pitchfork Platoon Pretending To Have Been Shot Professional Public Execution Punched In Stomach Punched In The Face Punched On The Nose Quitting Job Racial Prejudice Racism Rebellion Redemption Repeated Line Residence Responsibility Reward Rice Rifle Righteous Rage Robbery Sadist Scuffle Self Defense Self Inflicted Injury Self Sacrifice Shaking Fist Shot In The Chest Shot In The Head Shot In The Shoulder Shot To Death Sifu Sino Japanese War Social Commentary Soil Spitting Blood Split Lip Staff Stealing Car Stomped To Death Surrender Swing Set Sword Tai Chi Teahouse Time Lapse Photography Title Appears In Text Tournament Tragic Hero Translator Tricycle Voice Over Narration War Criminal Warrior Wealth Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Wu Shu WWII


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