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1960s 1980s Abuse Acquittal Adultery African American Alcoholic All Saints Day Altar Boy American Flag American Football Arrest Artist Assassin Assistant District Attorney Bar Bare Breasts Baseball Based On A Supposedly True Story Based On Book Basement Basketball Bath Bathroom Bathtub Beating Betrayal Birthday Black American Blow Job Book Book Report Boston Celtics Boy Brother Brother Relationship Bus Cafe Cafeteria Cancer Candle Carpenter Catholic Catholic Church Central Park Manhattan New York City Chase Child Abuse Child Rape Childhood Church Cigarette Smoking Clacker Class Classroom Coca Cola Cocaine Coffin Confession Confessional Corruption Court Courthouse Courtroom Criminal Cross Crucifix Cruelty Crying Death Deceit Deception District Attorney Drawing Drink Drinking Drug Dealer Drug Use Drunkenness Eating Eating Food Off The Floor Elevated Railway English Class English Countryside English Teacher Escape Ethics Extramarital Affair Fake Plastic Teeth Family Relationships Father Son Relationship Fellatio Female Nudity Fight Fire Hydrant Fish Head Flash Forward Flashback Food Four Best Friends Frame Up Framed Friend Friendship Funeral Gang Gang Rape Gangster Gay Bar Girl Golf Group Of Friends Guard Gun Handball Haunted By The Past Hearse Hells Kitchen Manhattan New York City Hitman Homosexual Rape Hospital Hot Dog Hot Dog Stand Hot Dog Vendor Humiliation Husband Wife Relationship Ice Capades Infidelity Infirmary Inner City Innocence Irish Irish American Italian Italian American Judge Judicial System Jury Justice Juvenile Delinquent Kicked In The Crotch Kicking Landing Strip Law School Lawyer Liar Library Lie Loan Shark Loss Of Leg Loyalty Madison Square Garden Manhattan New York City Man With Glasses Manhattan New York City Marriage Mass Mayor Melancholy Minetta Tavern Manhattan New York City Mother Son Relationship Movie Theatre Murder Murder Trial Neo Noir New York City New York Knicks New York Times New York Yankees Nightstick Nudity Nun One Word Title Peeping Tom Perjury Photograph Physical Abuse Police Police Baton Policeman Politics Pope Prank Pregnancy Priest Prison Prison Rape Puerto Rican Puerto Rican American Punctured Lung Racial Slur Rain Rape Rat Reckless Endangerment Reference To Attica Reference To Doris Day Reference To Dutch Schiltz Reference To Edward G Robinson Reference To George Armstrong Custer Reference To Little Caesar Reference To Lucky Luciano Reference To Michelangelo Reference To Ronald Reagan Reference To St Jude Reference To The Count Of Monte Cristo Reference To The Sistine Chapel Reform School Reformatory Reporter Republican Party Restaurant Retribution Revenge Robbery Rooftop Sadism Sadist Sadistic Prison Guard Salvation Army Self Justice Sexual Abuse Sexual Assault Sexual Torture Shooting Singer Singing Sketch Slow Motion Scene Snow Social Services Social Worker Solitary Confinement Song Storytelling Subway Summer Summer Of Love Suntan Swimming Teacher Tears Teen Angst Teenage Boy Telephone Call Testimony The Count And His Crtistos Theft Thief Ticket Stub Title Spoken By Character Topless Female Nudity Torture Train Trial Trophy Underwater Scene Undressing Unfaithfulness Vengeance Verdict Violence Voice Over Narration Watching A Movie Watching TV West Side Boys West Side Manhattan New York City What Happened To Epilogue Wheelchair Whistleblower Wife Abuse Wilkinson School For Boys New York Winter Witness Wood Shop


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