The Ruling Class (1972)
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The Ruling Class 1972

The Ruling Class: A member of the House of Lords dies in a shockingly silly way, leaving his estate to his son. Unfortunately, his son is insane: he thinks he is Jesus Christ. The other somewhat-more respectable members of their family plot to steal the estate from him. Murder and mayhem ensues.

Solar rating:6 /10

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Absolution Accidental Suicide Advent Ambulance Anarchist Anarchy Anglican Anti Catholic Anti Christianity Aristocracy Arrest Asphyxiation Aunt Nephew Relationship Autoerotic Asphyxiation Baby Balloon Banquet Baptism Bare Breasts Based On Play Based On Stage Play Beastiality Beheading Bible Birdcall Bishop Black Comedy Black Spider Blasphemy Blessing Body Outline Bolshevik Boy Soprano Bramble British Empire Brother Brother Relationship Buffalo Bull Bully Burial Burning Cross Butler Calcutta India Canaan Cancer Cane Capital Punishment Catholic Cemetery Champagne Chaos Charleston The Dance Childbirth Christian Church Church Of England Cigar Smoking Cigarette Holder Cigarette Smoking Class System Cobweb Cocked Hat Cockroach Coffin Communism Communist Confetti Constipation Consumption Contraceptive Coronation Robe Country Estate Cousin Cousin Relationship Crippled Midget Crispy Noodles Cross Crucifix Crucifixion Crying Cult Favorite Cure Curtsy Dancer Dancing Dead Fetus Death Death Penalty Delusion Delusional Grandiosity Detective Dog Doubt Drink Drinking Drunkenness Dry Cereal Dueling Dysfunctional Family Earl Of Gurney Eating Glass Electric Shock Electricity Electricity Shooting From Fingertips England Epileptic Fit Epiphany Erotica Eton College Executioner Extramarital Affair Eyeglasses Faith False Accusation Father Son Relationship Fear Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Fetus Finger In Light Socket Flask Flogging Flowers Flute Fox Fox Hunt Fox Hunting Fox Urination Freeze Frame French Funeral Gallows Gangrene Giraffe Goat God God Complex Gold Digger Gorilla Costume Grand Canyon Grasshopper Graveyard Great Britain Greenhouse Guardian Haircut Hallucination Hanging Hangmans Noose Harrods London Heart Attack Heartbeat Heir High Voltage Electricity Hokey Pokey The Dance Holy Ghost Homosexuality Horse Horse And Carriage Horse Drawn Hearse Horse Riding Hospital Hound Dog House Of Lords Humming Hunter Hunting Husband Wife Relationship Hymn Immorality Impersonation Independent Film Inheritance Insane Asylum Insanity Interrogation Investigation Jack The Ripper Jesus Christ Jock Strap Judge Kiss Labor Pains Laboratory Ladder Last Will And Testament Latin Letter Of Condolence Levitation Lightning Limousine Lobotomy London England Long Underwear Loss Of Brother Loss Of Father Loss Of Mother Loss Of Wife Love Lumbago Lunacy Lust Madness Malaya Marriage Master Of Hounds Mental Breakdown Messiah Methodist Microphone Midget Minister Miracle Mirror Mistress Money Monk Moth Mother Son Relationship Moustache In Soup Muffin Murder Nobel Prize For Literature Nobility Noose North Sea Nudity Nurse Oath Opera Singer Orchestra Orgasm Orphan Pants Zipper Parable Paranoia Parliament Parody Party Hat Pederasty Pencil In Mouth Penis Pheasant Poacher Police Police Inspector Policeman Politician Popping Balloon Power Prayer Pregnancy Pressure Cooker Pride Prologue Psychiatric Hospital Psychiatrist Psychosomatic Illness Pub Public School Puss Pygmy Hippo Rat Reference To Alexander The Great Reference To Chu Chim Chow Reference To Ezekiel Reference To J Edgar Hoover Reference To La Traviata Reference To Trotsky Resurrection Revolutionary Rhetorical Question Rifle River Roman Catholic Rorschach Inkblot Rowboat Ruling Class Sadism Sarcasm Satire Saying Cock A Doodle Doo Schizophrenia Scientific Research Screaming Seduction Sermon Servant Sex Shillelagh Ship Singer Singing Skeleton Slow Motion Scene Smashing Vase Snob Snot Rag Society Of St George Society Of Women Engineers Song Soul Speech Stabbing Strait Jacket Striptease Stutter Subjective Camera Suffering Suicide Sumatra Surrealism Suspect Switchblade Sword Symbolism Talking To Camera Talking To Flowers Talking To Self Tannenbaum Tea Tears Testicles Thrown Down Stairs Thunder Thunderstorm Toast Top Hat Topless Female Nudity Tory Tricycle Trotskyite Tutu Uncle Nephew Relationship Underwear Undressing Upper Class Uxoricide Varsity Drag The Dance Vengeance Victorian Era Village Virgin Mary Vivisection Walking Stick Waltz Wastrel Watusi Wealth Wedding Wedding Cake Wedding Night Wedding Reception Wheelchair Whipping Whore Widower Will Reading Xylophone

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