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555 Phone Number Amnesia Amputation Android Anti Hero Arm Blown Off Baby Food Bathroom Black Comedy Black Man Boardroom Body Landing On Car Breaking Through Door Breaking Through Wall Burned Alive Business Executive Capitalism Castration Character Name In Title Christ Allegory Controversy Cop Killer Corpse Corruption Crime Fighter Cut Arm Cyberpunk Cyborg Cynicism Deformity Desert Eagle Detroit Detroit Michigan Driveby Shooting Drug Dealing Dystopia Erased Memory Escalation Everyman Executive Experiment Exploding Car Exploding Gasoline Station Exploding House Extreme Violence Fake Commercial Fall To Death Family Relationships Female Nudity Fight The System First Person View For Sale Sign Future Future Noir Gang Gangster Gash In The Face Gay Slur Gore Goth Gothic Gun Gun Battle Gun Violence Held At Gunpoint Held Hostage Hostage Human Android Relationship Impalement Independent Film Intoxication Kick Door In Killer Robot Law Enforcement Limb Shot Off Locker Room Looting Lost Identity Male Nudity Man Crushed By Car Mayor Media Coverage Media Spoof Megacorporation Melting Man Memory Mexican Standoff Michigan Military Weapons Miranda Warning Murder Murder For Hire Neo Noir No Opening Credits Nordenfelt Gun Nudity Origin Of Hero Poetic Justice Police Police Arrest Police Brutality Police Car Police Officer Police Officer Killed Police Station Police Strike Post Apocalypse Presumed Dead Privatization Punched In The Face Rape Reference To Hamlet Reference To Shakespeare Revenge Robbery Robocop Robot Robot As Pathos Robot Vs Robot Rogue Cop Satire Secret Organization Self Mutilation Severed Arm Shot By Police Shot In The Chest Shot In The Crotch Shot In The Forehead Shot In The Hand Shot In The Knee Shot Multiple Times Shot To Death Splatter Stabbed In The Throat Stop Motion Stop Motion Scene Superhero Surgery Sympathetic Police Officer Techne Television News Threatened With Knife Thrown Through Window Topless Female Nudity Tough Guy Toxic Waste Tragic Event Tragic Hero Urination Vigilante Violence Vision Of The Future


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