Yi boh lai beng duk (1996)
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Yi boh lai beng duk 1996

Yi boh lai beng duk: Hong Kong 1986: A restaurant employee murders his boss and mutilates his wife, he escapes to South Africa where he rapes a Zulu-girl, who is infected with the ebola virus. In the restaurant where he now works he murders his boss and the bosses wife after raping her. He chops them up and makes them into hamburgers, which he sells in the restaurant, spreading the ebola virus. When the police come on his trail he moves back to Hong Kong and an ebola epidemic starts there.

Release Date:
Herman Yau
Comedy Horror
Hong Kong
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang Bobby Yip Fui-On Shing Meng Lo Miu-Ying Chan Yeung Ming Wan
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Solar rating:6 /10

Version 1 Promo Host 211 views
Version 2 Promo Host 73 views
Version 3 Promo Host 183 views


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