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ABC Telemarketing Company Airport Alimony American Flag Anger Arabic Arrogance Asthma Attorney General Background Check Bank Bar Based On A True Story Based On Magazine Article Beach Beating Big Business Biochemistry Blackmail Blindfold Bodyguard Bombing Brain Brown Williamson Tobacco Company Bullet Business Businessman C Span Cancer Capitalism Cbs Cbs News Cell Phone Censorship Central Nervous System Character Assassination Chemist Chemistry Chemistry Teacher Child Support Cigarette Smoking Classroom Classroom Lab Coincidence Colgate Clock Computer Confidentiality Agreement Confiscation Congressional Committee Congressional Hearing Conspiracy Controversy Corporate Crime Corporate Finance Corporate Lawyer Corporate Malfeasance Corporate Power Corporation Corpse Corruption Court Court Order Courtroom Courtroom Drama Cover Up Dan Hewitt Dan Rather Dance Class Dead Body Death Death Threat Deposition Difficulty Breathing Disgrace Divorce Dossier Drink Drinking Driving Range Drug Addiction Drug Use Drugs Drunkenness Dupont Manual High School Louisville Dust E Mail Employer Employee Relationship Ethics Expose Eyeglasses Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Fax Machine FBI Fda Fear Fired From The Job First Amendment Food And Drug Administration Forced Vacation Ford Motor Company Freedom Of The Press Gag Order Garbage Can Fire Gardening General Motors God Golf Golf Course Gun Health Care Health Insurance Hezbollah Historical Event Hotel Hotel Lobby Husband Wife Relationship In Contempt Of Court Infamy Integrity Interview Intimidation Intrigue Investigation Investigative Reporting Iran Islamic Fundamentalist Islamic Terrorism Japanese Restaurant Jeffrey Wigand Johnson & Johnson Journalism Journalist Kool Cigarettes Law Lawsuit Lawyer Lear Jet Leave Of Absence Legality Liar Lie Los Angeles International Airport Louisville Kentucky Lung Lung Cancer Mailbox Man With Glasses Manipulation Marital Problem Marital Separation Martyr Mechanical Engineer Media Mike Wallace Mississippi Mohawk Tribe Money Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Multiple Sclerosis National Public Radio New York City New York Knicks New York Post New York Times New Yorker Newsreel Footage Nicotine Nightclub Npr Office Olympics Paranoia Party Pay Phone Perjury Pfizer Philip Morris Cigarettes Pilot Police Police Escort Policeman Politics Power Previous Marriage Private Plane Prologue Public Health Public Opinion Raccoon Rain Ramparts Magazine Reference To Edward R Murrow Reference To Herbert Marcuse Reference To Ken Starr Reference To Lawrence Tisch Reference To Oj Simpson Reference To The Seven Dwarfs Reporter Research Researcher Respiratory Illness Restraining Order Retaliation Royal Canadian Mounted Police Science Science Teacher Scientific Research Scientist Security Guard Seelbach Hotel Louisville Severance Pay Sheik Shooting Shoplifting Shot To Death Slow Motion Scene Smear Campaign Smoke Related Illness Snow Soccer South Carolina Suicidal Thoughts Suspense Taxi Teacher Telephone Call Television Television Industry Television Producer Terrorism Terrorist Theft Thief Tobacco Tobacco Industry TV Journalism TV Journalist TV Magazine TV News TV News Show TV Show TV Studio Tylenol Unabomber Union Carbide University Of California Berkeley University Of California La Jolla University Of Wisconsin US Congress US Embassy US Judo Olympic Team US Justice Department US Postal Service Video Editing Wall Street Journal Washing Hands Washington DC Watching TV Westinghouse Corporation Whistleblower Wife Abuse Witness


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