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Air Vent Argument Armored Truck Arrest Automobile Badge Banister Bathroom Stall Beard Betrayal Bicycle Black Detective Body Landing On A Car Border Crossing Border Patrol Bullet Burglar Burglary Bus Caper Car Accident Car Chase Cigarette Smoking Color In Title Construction Site Cousin Cousin Relationship Darkness Death Death Threat Desert Desk Detective Diamond Disguise Document Dog Donut Double Cross Drink Drug Dealer Drug Lord Duct Tape Eavesdropping Elevator Elevator Shaft Escape Escape Attempt Evidence Ex Boyfriend Ex Girlfriend Relationship Explosion Falling From Height False Alarm False Identity FBI FBI Agent FBI Investigation Female Officer Fence Fire Flare Flare Gun Flashlight Flat Tire Flower Flying Food Food Market Foreigner Forgery Friendship Gate Getaway Driver Green Light Gun Shot Handcuffed To An Armored Truck Handcuffed To An Automobile Handcuffs Heist Helicopter Hidden Microphone Hooded Sweatshirt Id Card Impersonating A Police Officer Irony Jewel Thief Lapd Laundry Lawyer Leather Leather Jacket Lie Lifting Los Angeles California Los Angeles Police Department Lying Magnet Masked Man Metal Mexican Border Mexico Microphone Mirror Murder Night Officer Oxygen Mask Photograph Pilot Pizza Delivery Boy Plant Police Police Officer Policeman Prison Prison Bus Prisoner Profile Prologue Promotion Question Questioning Raid Reckless Driving Release From Prison Remote Control Restaurant Robber Robbery Rooftop Rope Running Safecracker Scene Of The Crime Secret Security Security Camera Security Guard Senior Citizen Shoe Shootout Shot In The Chest Shot To Death Skirt Slavic Smoke Sock Stairs String Subjective Camera Television Theft Thief Threat Towel Toy Toy Car Traffic Light Traitor Truck Unsubtitled Foreign Language Warehouse Water Window Womens Restroom Yelling


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