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1990s Aid Worker Ambulance American Flag Argentine Assassin Assassination Bar Beaten To Death Beating Beirut Lebanon Bekaa Valley Berlin Germany Binoculars Bird Birdcage Blackout Boat Bomb Boy Scouts Breakfast Bribe Bribery Bubble Gum Cafe Camera Capture Cell Phone Checkpoint China Cholera Christmas CIA CIA Agent Cigar Smoking Cigarette Lighter Cigarette Smoking Cold War Commando Raid Conspiracy Counter Terrorism Cyprus Death Doctor Drink Drinking East Germany Electrocution Embassy Espionage Execution Exploding Building Exploding Helicopter Explosion Faking A Death Flashback Flashlight Forgery Friend Friendly Extraction Friendship German Germany Gun Helicopter Helicopter Crash Hemet California Hezbollah Hong Kong Horse Husband Wife Relationship Injection Inoculation Intelligence Agency Intelligence Agent Intelligence Mole Intrigue Israeli Israeli Troops Karachi Pakistan Langley Virginia Laotian Lebanese Machine Gun Male Female Relationship Mentor Mentor Protege Relationship Middle East Morley Cigarettes Motorcycle Munich Germany Murder Muslim Palestinian Party Passport Photograph Photographer Photojournalist Plow Horse Porsche Prison Prison Escape Prisoner Protege Recruitment Refugee Camp Rescue Restaurant Retirement Revolving Door Rifle Rogue Agent Rooftop Saigon Vietnam Scotch Whiskey Secretary Sentenced To Death Shanghai China Sheik Slow Motion Scene Sniper Speedboat Spy Spy Hero Spying Su Chou Prison Suicide Bomber Suicide Bombing Surveillance Camera Suspense Target Task Force Taxi Telephone Call Telescope Terrorism Terrorist Told In Flashback Top Secret Torture Train Transcription TV News US Embassy Vaccine Video Vietnam Vietnam War Violence Voice Over Narration Vomit Washington DC


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