La noche del terror ciego (1972)
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La noche del terror ciego 1972

La noche del terror ciego: In the 13th century there existed a legion of evil knights known as the Templars, who quested for eternal life by drinking human blood and committing sacrifices. Executed for their unholy deeds, the Templars bodies were left out for the crows to peck out their eyes. Now, in modern day Portugal, a group of people stumble on the Templars abandoned monastery, reviving their rotting corpses to terrorize the land.

Solar rating:6 /10

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1200s 13th Century Accident Adultery Affection Anger Armor Attraction Autopsy Bad Wound Bandage Bare Breasts Bare Butt Beating Bedroom Bikini Bikini Girl Bisexual Bisexual Girl Bisexuality Biting Blindness Blonde Blood Blood And Gore Blood Bath Blood Spatter Blood Stain Bloody Scratches Blouse Bondage Bra Brassiere Brawl Breast Suckling Bruise Brunette Brutality Burning Cape Caress Castle Clairvoyant Corpse Critically Acclaimed Cross Crow Crucifix Cruelty Cult Favorite Cult Film Cut Dancing Danger Dark Dark Past Darkness Dead Girl Dead Man Dead Woman Death Death To Life Deception Deeply Disturbed Person Degradation Deserted Town Desire Desperation Disappointment Disfigurement Doubt Dress Dying Dying Woman Escape Evil Evil Man Evil Power Exhibitionism Exhibitionist Existentialism Experiment Eye Eye Gouging Fear Female Corpse Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Female Rear Nudity Female Victim Fence Fire First Of Series Flame Flashback Flesh Fondling Forces Of Evil Friend Friendship Frog Frustration Ghost Glasses Gloves Gore Grave Graveyard Hallucination Hallway Hiding Historical Fiction Hooded Figure Horse Horse Riding Hostility Human Flesh Human Sacrifice Humiliation Incest Incestuous Desire Injury Jacket Killing Kiss Kissing Knight Laughing Leg Spreading Legend Lesbian Lesbian Interest Lesbian Kiss Lesbianism Living Dead Long Hair Love Love Interest Male Nudity Manipulation Mannequin Medieval Times Mercilessness Mirror Mistreatment Morgue Multiple Homicide Multiple Murder Murder Murder Witness Mutilated Corpse Mutilation Mysterious Man Mysterious Woman Night Nightmare Nipples Nudity Obsession Occult Old Man Old Woman Pain Palace Panties Passion Perversion Police Possession Psychotronic Question Rage Rampage Rape Attempt Revenge Ritual Room Royalty Running Rural Setting Sacrifice Sadism Sadist Scream Screaming Seduction Self Injury Sensuality Set On Fire Sex Sexual Attraction Sexual Desire Sexual Frustration Sexual Obsession Sexual Perversion Shirt Shorts Sickness Skeleton Slaughter Splatter Stab Wound Stabbed In The Arm Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed To Death Stabbing Stalking Suffering Supernatural Power Surrealism Sweater Swimming Pool Sword Sword Wound T Shirt Telephone Call Templar Knight Thong Threat Throne Tomb Topless Female Nudity Torch Torture Torture Chamber Train Train Ride Trap Vengeance Violence Voyeur Voyeurism Walking Dead Water Whipping White Dress Woman On Top Wrath Zombie

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