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1940s Aerial Bombing Airplane Animated Map Assault Attack Based On True Story Battle Battle Of Stalingrad Betrayal Binoculars Bleeding To Death Blood Blood Bath Blood On Camera Lens Blood Spatter Boat Body Part Bombing Boy Broken Trust Burning City Camouflage Car Crash Car Explosion Chandelier Character Repeating Someone Elses Dialogue Child Murder Cigarette Smoking Civil Defense Class Struggle Commissar Communist Comrade Conflicted Hero Copy Machine Corpse Courage Dancing Dark Hero Dark Past Dead Body Death Death By Hanging Death Of Boy Department Store Deserter Destiny Dilemma Dishonesty Dock Dog Tag Double Agent Dressed In Enemy Uniform Duel Emotional Manipulation Execution Exploding Boat Exploding Building Explosion Eyeglasses Factory False Teeth Fame Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Female Soldier Fire Flashback Flatulence Fountain Fragments Of Glass Friend Friendship Friendship Gone Bad German German Army German Major German Officer Grandfather Grandson Relationship Gun Gun In Mouth Hammer And Sickle Hanged Boy Hanged Child Hanging Hero Heroism Hidden Truth Hiding Under Dead Bodies Horse Hospital Hunted Man Husband Wife Relationship Ice Iron Cross Jealousy Jew Jewish Kiss Leaflet Letter Loss Of Friend Loss Of Loved One Love Love Triangle Machine Gun Mail Major Male Bonding Male Camaraderie Male Female Relationship Manipulation Mannequin Map Marksman Marxist Mass Grave Massacre Medal Montage Morale Moscow University Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Mud Murder Murder Of Parents Nazi Nazi Flag Nazi Officer Nazism Neighbor Newspaper Nudity Photograph Photographer Political Officer Politics Pool Of Blood Prayer Pretending To Be Dead Propaganda Psychological Manipulation Red Army Reference To Hitler Reference To Josef Stalin Reference To Lenin Reference To Nikita Khrushchev Repeated Line Resistance Rifle Rolling A Cigarette Ruins Russia Russian Russian Flag Secret Past Severed Arm Severed Leg Sex Sharpshooter Shepherd Shooting Shooting A Deserter Shooting Dead Body Shot In The Arm Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Ear Shot In The Forehead Shot In The Hand Shot In The Head Shot In The Neck Shot In The Shoulder Shot Through The Mouth Shot To Death Shot While Jumping Showdown Shower Shrapnel Singing Sniper Snow Socialism Soviet Union Stalingrad Statue Strained Relationship Stuttering Suicide Suicide By Shooting Self Suppressed Truth Swastika Tank Tea Teeth Knocked Out Telescope Torture Tractor Factory Tragic Hero Tragic Past Train Train Station Translator Trap Trench Troop Train Typewriter Underwater Scene Urban Warfare Vassili Saitsev Violence Vodka Vomit Warehouse Water Tower What Happened To Epilogue Wolf Wound WWII Young Spy

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