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Ambulance American Flag Arm Sling Arson Arson Investigator Badge Bar Bare Breasts Bare Chested Male Betrayal Black And White Scene Blood Blood Spatter Booby Trap Boy Breaking A Bottle Over Someones Head Burnt Body Burnt Hand Cafe Call Girl Camera Celebrity Cell Phone Cemetery Central Park Manhattan New York City Character Says I Love You Chase Chrysler Building Manhattan New York City Cigar Smoking Cigarette Smoking Corpse Criminal Czechoslovakian Dachshund Dead Body Death Death Of Friend Death Threat Delusion Detective Digit In Title Dog Double Homicide Double Jeopardy Drawing Drink Drinking Drunkenness Eastern European Engagement Ring Escort Service Ex Convict Excedrin Explosion Face Slap Falling From Height Fame Fear Female Nudity Filmed Killing Fire Fire Extinguisher Fire Marshal Fire Station Firefighter Fireman Flowers Foot Chase Foot Injury Forgiveness Fortune Funeral Gasoline Graveyard Greed Hair Salon Handcuffs Held At Gunpoint Hit With A Chair Hit With A Frying Pan Home Movie Homicide Hostage Hotel Husband Wife Relationship Illegal Immigrant Immigrant Insanity Interview Interviewer Investigation Jamaican Jealousy Journalism Journalist Justice Kerosene Killing Killing Rampage Knife Lawyer Love Low Self Esteem Mace Male Female Relationship Manhattan New York City Marriage Proposal Media Media Manipulation Mens Bathroom Money Murder Murder Witness Neck Breaking Necklace New York City New York Fire Department New York Police Department Nude Woman Murdered Nudity Number In Title Nyfd Nypd One Million Dollars Panties Paranoia Partner Pay Phone Pepper Spray Person On Fire Photograph Pillow Over Head Pistol Pistol Whip Planet Hollywood Restaurant Manhattan New York City Police Police Detective Police Officer Killed Policeman Polish American Prison Prostitute Psychiatrist Psychopath Punched In The Face Ransom Rape Rapist Reference To Frank Capra Reference To Ludwig Von Beethoven Reference To People Magazine Reference To Roseanne Barr Reflection In A Car Mirror Reporter Restaurant Revenge Rikers Island New York City Robbery Rooftop Rose Running In Traffic Russian Sadism Satire Scene During End Credits Serial Killer Serial Murder Shot In The Arm Shot In The Chest Shot In The Foot Shot In The Leg Shot To Death Shotgun Sister Sister Relationship Snuff Film Spit In The Face Spitting Blood Stabbed In The Arm Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed To Death Stabbing Statue Of Liberty New York City Subtitled Scene Suitcase Of Money Tabloid TV Talking To Ones Self In A Mirror Talking To The Camera Taxi Taxi Driver Telephone Call Temporary Insanity Theft Thief Thong Threatened With A Knife Throwing A Chair Through A Window Tied To A Chair Tied To A Tree Time As Title Time In Title Times Square Manhattan New York City Title Spoken By Character Topless Female Nudity Tour Bus TV News TV Show Two Headed Coin Underwear Urination Video Camera Violence Wallet Watching TV Whore Witness


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