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1990s Adultery Advertising Agency African American Airplane Ambition Answering Machine Aortic Rupture Applause Apple Juice Archive Footage Aspirin Aspiring Actress Bar Bed Bedtime Story Beer Bill Clinton Birthday Birthday Cake Birthday Party Black American Book Book Reading Bookstore Boy Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Breakfast Cereal Cafe Car Accident Cd Celebration Cell Phone Central Park Manhattan New York City Chick Flick Christmas Cigarette Lighter Cigarette Smoking College Competition Convenience Store Copy Machine Crying Dancer Dancing Date Dating Death Of Father Democrat Diary Divorce Dog Drink Drinking Drunkenness Earphones Earring Election Engagement Ring Extramarital Affair Father Daughter Relationship Fired From The Job Flashback Flashlight Flowers Friend Friendship George Hw Bush Girl Graduate School Happy Birthday To You Hillary Clinton Hope Hospital Hotel Husband Wife Relationship Infidelity Intercom Intern Interracial Friendship Interracial Relationship Jogging Journalist Kiss Kryptonite Letter Loss Of Father Love Madison Wisconsin Magazine Article Mailbox Male Female Relationship Manhattan New York City Meet Cute Mens Clothing Store Mirror Morley Cigarettes Mother Daughter Relationship New Years Eve New York City New York University Newsreel Footage Nirvana Nurse Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Pajamas Park Bench Party Passed Out Pay Phone Penguin Penis Phone Booth Photograph Playing Footsie Playing Pool Political Campaign Political Consultant Political Poster Politician Politics Postcard Precocious Child Pregnancy Presidential Campaign Primary Election Professor Rain Reading Reading By Flashlight Reading Under The Bedsheet Reference To Gennifer Flowers Reference To Jane Eyre Reference To Kurt Cobain Reference To Monica Lewinsky Rehearsal Restaurant Rooftop Roommate School Sex Sex Education Sex Talk Sidewalk Cafe Singer Singing Single Father Slapstick Comedy Slow Motion Scene Song Speech Writer Split Screen Storytelling Stuffed Animal Toy Taxi Teacher Student Relationship Tears Telephone Call Telephone Sales Thesis Advisor Threesome Times Square Manhattan New York City Title Spoken By Character Toilet Paper Told In Flashback True Love Unfaithfulness University Of Wisconsin US President Vagina Voice Over Narration Watching TV Wine Womens Rights Writer Year 1992 Year 1994 Zoo

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