Bank Alarm (1937)
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Bank Alarm 1937

Bank Alarm: An investigator tries to find a gang responsible for a rash of bank robberies. What he doesnt know is that his sister is the girlfriend of the gangs ringleader.

Solar rating:6 /10

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1930s Accident Agent Airplane Airport Alarm Alias American Applause Archive Footage Art Deco Assassin Attorney Auditor Author Auto Court B Movie Bald Bank Bank Clerk Bank Robbery Bank Teller Barn Booby Trap Bookcase Bookkeeper Breakfast Briefcase Brother Sister Relationship Bullet Bunk Bed Burglar Alarm Butter Cabin Cadillac California Camera Canada Car Celebration Cell Mate Chase Chauffeur Chinese Cigar Smoking Cigarette Smoking Client Clue Co Worker Coffee Commission Concession Stand Confession Of Crime Coroner Correspondence School Counterfeiter Counterfeiting Criminal Dancing Deception Desk Clerk Dinner Dirty Money Divorce Doctor Double Murder Driver Duplicity Editor Egg Episodic Structure Escort Evidence Ex Husband Ex Wife Relationship Farmer Farmhouse Federal Agent Federal Government Fingerprints Firearm Flashbulb Ford Coupe G Man Gang Gang Member Gangster Getaway Girl Heroine Government Agent Gun Gunfire Gunplay Headline Held At Gunpoint Henchman Hideout High Heels Highway Patrol Hobo Hollywood California Hoodlum Hostage Husband Wife Relationship Immigrant Impostor Independent Film Inspection Interrogation Investigation Investigator Italian Jail Jail Cell Jersey City New Jersey Job Job Offer Job Seeking Justice Key Kidnapper Kidnapping Killer Killing Law And Order Lawman Lawyer License Bureau Clerk License Plate Lock Pick Los Angeles California Low Budget Film Magazine Makeup Male Female Relationship Manager Matchbook Mattress Mayor Mechanic Mirror Mission Motorcycle Motorcycle Cop Motorist Mural Murder Murder Investigation Murderer Nevada News Photographer News Report Newspaper Newspaper Editor Newspaper Headline Newspaper Reporter Newsstand Nightclub Orchestra Passenger Pawnshop Payroll Photographer Police Police Car Police Chase Police Couple Police Inspector Police Officer Police Procedure Police Raid Police Station Policeman Post Office Poverty Row Film Printing Printing Press Prisoner Private Detective Public Telephone Publicity Publicity Agent Pursuit Quest Radio Radio Announcer Radio Broadcast Radio Broadcasting Report Reporter Rescue Robber Robbery Ruse San Francisco California Scheme Scream Serbian Series Sheriff Shootout Sidekick Silencer Siren Slang Small Town Smoke Screen Special Investigator State Trooper Stock Footage Stolen Car Streetcar Taxi Taxi Driver Team Telegram Telephone Telephone Call Telephone Number Telephone Pole Thug Train Tramp Trickery Trolley Car Trooper USA Vagrancy Vagrant Vancouver British Columbia Vancouver Canada Victim Violence Whiskey Witness Writer


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