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1930s 1940s Acid Adolf Hitler Air Raid Air Raid Shelter Ambassador American Anti Semitism Arrest Aryan Assassin Assassination Atrocity Auschwitz Austria Band Based On Play Black Man Bombing Bus Captain Cardinal The Priest Catholic Catholic Church Chemical Children Chocolate Christian Christianity Christmas Christmas Present Church Cigarette Smoking Communist Concentration Camp Conscience Court Martial Cremation Crematorium Crucifixion Cycline Czechoslovakia Dancer Dancing Death Death Of Mother Death Of Wife Deceit Deception Diplomacy Disinfectant Doctor Drink Drinking Dying Ethnic Cleansing Euthanasia Evacuation Extermination Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Fear Filtering Machine Final Solution Fire French Garter Gas Chamber Gas Mask Geneva Convention Genocide German Army German Officer Germany Gestapo God Gossip Grave Gun Heil Hitler Heresy Heroism Holocaust Hungary Husband Wife Relationship Hygienist Insane Asylum Iron Cross Jail Jesuit Jesus Christ Jew Jewish Josef Stalin Labor Camp League Of Nations Lieutenant Livestock Car Luftwaffe Lutheran March Marching Band Martyr Mass Grave Mass Murder Massacre Mental Patient Mentally Handicapped Person Mercy Killing Monsignor Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Murder Nazi Nazi Uniform Nazism Neutrality Nightmare Nun Nurse Officers Club Oppression Oven Parasite Pastor Peep Hole Persecution Photograph Photographer Physically Handicapped Person Piety Poison Gas Poland Politics Pope Pope Pius XII Portrait Prague Czechoslovakia Pregnancy Priest Prison Prison Camp Propaganda Protest Protestant Purification Radio Radio Broadcast Radio Speech Railroad Station Rain Record Player Recording Reference To Franklin D Roosevelt Reference To Goebbels Reference To Heinrich Himmler Reference To Thomas Mann Religion Romania Rome Italy Rumor Sacrifice Sanitorium Self Preservation Sermon Sex Shooting Shooting Self Shot In The Back Silent Night Singer Singing Slaughterhouse Snow Song Speech SS SS Officer Stalingrad Ussr Star Of David Stettin Poland Suicide Suicide By Shooting Self Surprise Swastika Swedish Tailor Teenage Boy Teenage Girl Testimony Third Reich Title Ends With Period Torment Train Treason Treblinka Typhus Uncle Niece Relationship Underwear Undressing Urn Vatican Ventilation War Crime Water Treatment Witness WWII


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