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Absurdism Accidental Shooting Ambulance Amsterdam Netherlands Autopsy Bare Breasts Bare Chested Male Beaten To Death Beating Black Comedy Black Cop Blood Blood Bath Blood On Camera Lens Blood Spatter Body In Trunk Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Broken Glass Buddy Buddy Cop Bullet Time Car Accident Car Chase Car Crash CIA Cigarette Smoking Corpse Crime Boss Cuba Cuban Mafia Cult Comedy Cult Favorite Dance Dea Dea Agent Death Deception Dismemberment Drug Dealing Drug Humor Drug Lord Drug Smuggling Ecstasy Ethnic Slur Evil Man Exploding Body Exploding Car Exploding House Explosion Eye Gouging F Word Falling From Height FBI Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Flogging Foot Chase Gang Member Gangsta Grip Gangster Gore Guantanamo Gun Haitian Gang Head Blown Off Head Ripped Off Head Shot Heart Heart In Hand Held At Gunpoint Helicopter Hit By A Car Hit By A Train Hit In The Face Hospital Informant Interrogation Jumping Through A Window Kicked In The Face Kicked In The Head Knocked Out Ku Klux Klan Landmine Lap Dance Lasersight Mafia Mansion Miami Florida Minefield Money Money Laundering Morgue n Word Naked Dead Woman Naval Base Nightclub Nudity Organ Harvesting Organ Removal Organized Crime Part Computer Animation Pistol Police Police Chase Police Officer Prostitute Punched In The Face Racial Comment Racial Slur Racism Racist Insult Rat Reference To Skittles Rocket Launcher Roman Numeral In Title Russian Mafia Sacrifice Scene During End Credits Second Part Self Mutilation Sequel Severed Arm Severed Finger Severed Foot Severed Head Severed Leg Sex Shooting Shootout Shot In The Arm Shot In The Butt Shot In The Chest Shot In The Ear Shot In The Eye Shot In The Forehead Shot In The Head Shot In The Leg Shot Multiple Times Shot Through The Eye Shot To Death Shotgun Slaughter Slow Motion Scene Splatter SWAT Team Swimming Pool Thrown From A Car Thrown Through Window Topless Female Nudity Torso Cut In Half Two Man Army Undercover Vigilante Violence Vomit


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