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1980s 1990s Accidental Killing African American Airplane Airplane Stewardess American Football American Soldier Anti War Anus Arab Culture Arabic Assault Assembling A Rifle Automatic Weapon Baby Bar Bare Breasts Bare Butt Barracks Based On Book Basic Training Battalion Baytown Texas Beer Biological Warfare Black American Black Comedy Blood Blow Job Blow Torch Book Boot Camp Boredom Bottled Water Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Breakfast Brother Brother Relationship Brother Sister Relationship Bugle Building A Pyramid Bullet Bureaucracy Bureaucrat Burn Victim Burned Up Car Burning Oil Well Burning Outhouse Burnt Body Bus Businessman Camel Camp Pendleton California Catholic Cease Fire Ceiling Fan Censorship Charred Body Cheating Wife Christmas Christmas Party Cleaning A Rifle Coffin Commander Corpse Cottonwood Falls Kansas Crawling Crossing Self Crude Oil Crying Cuban American Dancer Dancing Dark Humor Dead Animal Dead Body Dead Man Dear John Letter Death Death Threat Defecation Delano California Desert Diesel Fuel Dog Feces Dog Tags Dormitory Drill Instructor Drink Drinking Drunkenness Erection Evacuation Exploding Building Exploding Car Eye Injury Fake Illness Family Relationships Father Son Relationship Faulty Military Equipment Fear Feces Female Nudity Fight Filipino Mail Order Bride Catalogue Filthy Toilet Finger Up Anus Fire Flash Forward Flashback Flashlight Fog Of War Foot Locker Framingham Massachusetts Free Speech Freedom Freedom Of Speech Friend Friendly Fire Friendship Funeral Funeral Parlor Gambling Gas Mask Gay Slur God Goggles Going Home Greenville Michigan Grocery Store Gulf War Haircut Hand Grenade Harassment Harley Hawaii Hazing Helicopter Home Video Homophobia Honda Honor Horniness Horse Humvee Husband Wife Relationship Illness Inactivity Infidel Infidelity Insane Asylum Interview Iranian Iraq Iraq War Iraqi Kuwati Border Jarhead Jihad Kurd Kuwait Kuwaiti Land Mine Latrine Laxative Letter Lieutenant Colonel Loneliness Loss Of Friend Love Letter M48 Rifle Machine Gun Machismo Male Bonding Male Female Relationship Male Nudity Marching Marine Creed Masturbation Meaning Of Life Memoir Mental Hospital Mental Illness Merry Christmas Mexican American Miami Florida Military Enlistment Military Uniform Mine Field Mother Son Relationship Movie Theater Murder Nerve Gas Nightmare Nudity Nurse Obscene Finger Gesture Oil Oil Business Oil Field Oil Well One Word Title Operation Desert Shield Operation Desert Storm Outhouse Pain Paintball Panties Parade Penis Pep Talk Person On Fire Philadelphia Pennsylvania Photograph Pistol Platoon Plebicite Prank Prayer Pregnancy Pride Propaganda Push Ups Rain Reading Reading A Letter Recruit Reference To Dick Cheney Reference To Ernest Hemingway Reference To George W Bush Reference To Jesus Reference To JFK Assassination Reference To Joseph Reference To Kenny G Reference To Saddam Hussein Reference To Stevie Wonder Reference To The Virgin Mary Religion Reporter Republican Guard Reveille Rifle Running Sacramento California Sand Sandstorm Santa Claus Hat Saudi Arabia Scorpion Semper Fi Sergeant Severed Foot Severed Leg Sex Sex Talk Shirt Shooting Shooting Into The Air Shot In The Head Shower Singer Singing Slapping The Back Of Someones Head Sniper Song Staff Sergeant Stranger Subjective Camera Sunrise Supermarket T Shirt Tank Taped To A Bed Target Practice Tattoo Teamwork Tears Telephone Call Tent Testicles Theatre Audience Tied To A Bed Title Spoken By Character Toilet Topless Female Nudity Train Trench Truck TV News Uncle Nephew Relationship Underwear Undressing Urination US Marine Corps Vagina Veil Vhs Vietnam War Veteran Violence Voice Over Narration Vomit Wagner Ride Of The Valkyries Walkman War Veteran Wars End Watching Movie Watching Pornography Watching TV Welcome Home Party Wetting Pants Wound Year 1983 Year 1989 Year 1990 Year 1991


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