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1940s 1950s Adopted Son Ambush Assassination Assassination Attempt Attorney Baptism Bare Breasts Based On Novel Bathroom Beautiful Woman Betrayal Blood Blood Spatter Breasts Broken Rule Bronx New York City Brother Brother Relationship Brother Sister Relationship Car Bomb Casino Catholic Catholic Church Cemetery Character Depth Character Repeating Someone Elses Dialogue Christmas Convicted Felon Cop Killer Corleone Italy Corrupt Lawyer Cosa Nostra Courtship Crime Boss Criminal Crooked Cop Cult Favorite Dartmouth College Death Death Of Title Character Domestic Violence Drug Dealing Dysfunctional Family El Train Elderly Man Epic Ethnic Slur Ex Convict Extramarital Affair Falling Down Stairs Family Relationships Famous Line Famous Score Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Female Nudity First Of Series Fish Fugitive Funeral Gambling Syndicate Gang War Gang Warfare Gangster Garrote Garrotting Gore Heart Attack Hitman Honor Horse Horse Killed Hospital Hotel Invalid Italian American Italian American Cop Italian Food Italian Language Spoken Italy Knife In Hand Las Vegas Nevada Lawyer Los Angeles California Loss Of Father Loss Of Husband Loss Of Son Loss Of Wife Love At First Sight Machine Gun Mafia Magnus Opus Male Female Relationship Man With Glasses Manhattan New York City Mansion Marital Abuse Marriage Massage Melancholy Mercilessness Mob Boss Mob Hit Mob Summit Mob Violence Motion Picture Executive Movie Studio Murder New York City No Opening Credits Nudity Nurse Open Hydrant Orange Peel Organized Crime Paparazzi Paraplegic Part Of Trilogy Police Police Brutality Police Corruption Police Officer Killed Power Pregnant Woman Beaten Professional Hit Protection Racket Racial Slur Radio City Music Hall Manhattan New York City Restaurant Revenge Revolving Door Rise To Power Severed Horses Head Sex Shooting Shot In The Arm Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Eye Shot In The Forehead Shot In The Throat Shot Repeatedly Shot To Death Sibling Rivalry Sicily Italy Singer Stabbed In The Hand Stable Statue Of Liberty New York City Strangulation Symbolism Teacher Telephone Box Telephone Call Thompson Gun Title Spoken By Character Toll Booth Tough Guy Traitor Two Word Title Undertaker Urination Vegetable Garden Vengeance Village Violence War Veteran Wedding Wedding Reception Wheelchair Widower WWII Veteran


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