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1970s Accidental Death Airplane Airport Algerian American Anarchy Antique Dealer Antique Shop Arab Arab Israeli Conflict Arrest Assassin Assassination Assassination Attempt Athens Greece Athlete Baader Meinhof Baklava Balcony Band Bangladesh Bank Bank Account Bar Bare Breasts Bare Chested Male Based On Book Beach Beating Bed Beer Garden Beirut Lebanon Bench Betrayal Bicycle Binoculars Black September Blindfold Blood Blood On Camera Lens Blood Spatter Boat Bodyguard Bomb Bomb Inside A TV Set Bomb Making Bomber Bombing Bombmaker Booby Trap Book Reading Bound Boy Breaking A Car Window Breaking And Entering Broken Jaw Brooklyn New York City Brussels Belgium Bullet Bus Businessman Butcher Cafe Cancer Candle Capitalism Cat Catholic Celebration Chandelier Changing Clothes Chase Chest Hair Child In Peril Childbirth Children CIA Cigarette Smoking City Name In Title Climbing A Fence Closet Commando Compromise Consulate Controversy Cooking Corpse Court Martial Covert Operation Cross Dressing Crossing Ones Self Crying Cyprus Dancer Dancing De Briefing Dead Body Death Death Of Brother Death Of Family Death Of Father Death Of Friend Death Of Sister Dental Insurance Detonator Diver Doctor Dog Double Cross Drink Drinking Drug Use Drunkenness Dutch Dying Eating Editor Egypt Egyptian Eiffel Tower Paris El Al Airlines Elevator Embassy Epic Escape Espionage Ethics Explosion Explosive Eyeglasses Face Mask Fake Passport Falling Into A Swimming Pool Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Female Assassin Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Femme Fatale Fiat Fight Fishing Fistfight Flashback Flashlight Following Someone Food Food Market Frankfurt Germany Free Will French French Intelligence Funeral Garden Gardening Gaullist General Geneva Switzerland German Getaway Car Girl God Gore Gourmet Cook Government Grocery Store Guerilla Guerilla Training Gun Gunfire Gym Bag Hand Grenade Hand Puppet Handshake Hanging Hate Helicopter Hijacking Hit Squad Hitman Home Homelessness Hospital Hostage Hostage Negotiation Hotel Houseboat Husband Wife Relationship Impersonation Israel Israeli Embassy Italy Jeep Jerusalem Jew Jewish Jordan Journalist Justice KGB Kibbutz Kidnapping Kinesset Kitchen Knife Knife In The Head Law Lebanon Letter Bomb Listening To Music Listening To The Radio London England Love Loyalty M 16 Machine Gun Male Female Relationship Male Frontal Nudity Manhattan New York City Marriage Mass Murder Massacre Mattress Mechanical Toy Memory Microphone Middle East Military Attache Mixed Marriage Money Moscow Russia Mossad Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Motorbike Mourning Munich Germany Munich Olympics Murder Nazi Negotiation Neo Noir Netherlands New York City New York City Skyline Night School Nightmare No Opening Credits Nude With A Gun Nude Woman Murdered Nudity Olive Tree Olympic Village Olympics One Word Title Palestine Palestinian Paranoia Paris France Patriotism Pay Phone Philosophy Phone Bomb Phone Booth Photograph Pianist Piano Pipe Smoking Place Name In Title Plastic Explosive Playground Plo Political Prisoner Politics Prayer Pregnancy Prime Minister Prison Prisoner Public Reading Puppet Raid Railway Station Rain Rearview Mirror Receipt Red Army Faction Red Sea Reference To Adolf Eichmann Reference To Adolf Hitler Reference To Charles Bronson Reference To David Ben Gurion Reference To Golda Meir Reference To Hegel Reference To Josef Stalin Reference To Karl Marx Reference To Marcuse Reference To Napoleon Reference To Scherazade Reference To The Arabian Nights Reflection In A Store Window Refugee Refugee Camp Religion Remote Control Restaurant Reunion Revenge Reversing Charges On A Telephone Call Revolutionary Rifle Righteousness River Rome Italy Running Sabra Safe Deposit Box Safe House Scream Search Searchlight Secret Secret Agent Self Doubt Self Righteousness Separation From Family Severed Arm Sex Sex With A Pregnant Woman Shooting Shootout Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Face Shot In The Forehead Shot In The Head Shot In The Throat Shot To Death Sidewalk Cafe Silencer Singer Singing Sister Sister Relationship Sleeping In A Closet Sleepmask Slow Motion Scene Song Stabbed In The Head Stabbing Stakeout Stocking Mask Suicide Sunglasses Surrogate Son Suspense Sweden Swimming Pool Swimsuit Swiss Bank Switzerland Syria Tape Recorder Tape Recording Taxi Tears Tel Aviv Israel Telephone Telephone Call Telescope Terrorism Terrorist Thunder Tied Up Title Appears In Writing Title Spoken By Character Topless Female Nudity Toy Toy Maker Tragedy Train Translation Transvestite Tripoli Truck TV Camera TV Control Room TV News TV Newscaster TV Reporter TV Set Umbrella Underwear Vengeance Vichy Violence War Story Watching TV Wedding Ring What Happened To Epilogue Wine World Trade Center Manhattan New York City Wrestler Wrestling Team Writer WWII Yacht Year 1972 Years Of Lead


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