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1940s Absorbing Power Affection Alberta Canada Amnesia Anarchy Animal Killing Anti Hero Babe Scientist Bar Bare Chested Male Based On Comic Book Beach Beautiful Woman Betrayal Blockbuster Boat Body Landing On Car Body Scanner Brotherhood Cage Fighting Camper Car Crash Chess Cigar Smoking Class Claw Concentration Camp Corpse Cult Favorite Dark Hero Discrimination Dog Tag Doppelganger Evolution Exploding Car Eyes Different Color Falling From Height Fire First Kiss Flashback Forest Gash In The Face Government Head Butt Healing Held At Gunpoint Held Captive Helicopter Helmet High School Hit With A Rifle Butt Ice Immortality Impalement Jet Jewish Kick In Stomach Kicked In The Crotch Kicked In The Face Kidnapping Legislation Lightning Long Tongue Magnet Magnetism Male Rear Nudity Manhattan New York City Martial Arts Marvel Comics Mastermind Melting Man Metal Manipulation Mission Mississippi Morphing Murder Mutant Nazi Near Future New York City News Report Newtons Cradle Optic Blast Ostracism Piano Playing Pistol Poison Poland Police Officer Killed Prejudice Prison Psionic Power Psychic Psychic Power Punched In The Face Racism Radiation Railway Station Rain Retina Scan Faked Reverse Footage Runaway Self Healing Senator Shape Shifter Shot In The Back Shotgun Showdown Social Injustice Spit In The Face Stabbed In The Arm Stabbed In The Back Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed In The Shoulder Staten Island New York City Statue Of Liberty New York City Stealing Motorcycle Struck By Lightning Suicide Super Villain Super Villainess Superhero Superhero Team Superheroine Supernatural Power Surrealism Taking Control Of Someones Body Teacher Teen Angst Teenage Superhero Teenage Superheroine Telekinesis Telepathy Thrown Through A Wall Thrown Through Windshield Tied To Chair Title Spoken By Character Tragic Villain Train Tranquilizer US Capitol Building Violence Voice Over Narration Walking Through A Wall Weather Manipulation Westchester New York Wheelchair World Trade Center Manhattan New York City WWII X Men X Ray X Rayed Skeleton


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