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Abduction Ambulance Application Form Arm Amputation Arrest Attempted Murder Automobile Award Ballroom Bare Chested Male Based On TV Series Based On TV Show Basement Beaten To Death Beating Beer Drinking Beneficiary Betrayal Black And White Scene Blockade Blockbuster Blood Blood On Shirt Blood Spatter Bribery Bridge Bulletproof Glass Bus Bus Accident Car Chase Chain Link Fence Chase Chicago Illinois Cigar Smoking Cigarette Smoking Climbing Through A Window Compassion Computer Computer Cracker Control Room Convict Cop Killer Corpse Corrupt Cop Corrupt Lawyer Court Cover Up Crash Victim Crime Scene Cult Favorite Dam Death Death Of Wife Death Penalty Deception Disguise Doctor Double Cross Dream Drug Dealer Drug Use Drugged Drunkenness El Train Elevator Emergency Brake Escape Escape From Custody Escape From Prison Escaped Convict Ex Convict Exploding Bus Explosion Fake Id Falling Down A Shaft Falling Down Stairs Falling From Height Falling Off A Roof Falling Through A Glass Roof False Accusation Federal Agent Fight Fire Flashback Flip Book Foot Chase Foot Pursuit Forest Framed For Murder Fugitive Garbage Truck Guilt Handcuffed To A Pipe Handcuffs Head Bashed In Headphones Held At Gunpoint Helicopter Hiding In A Bathroom Hit And Run Hit By A Train Hit In The Crotch Hit With A Chair Hit With A Metal Pipe Home Invasion Hospital Hostage Hostage Situation Hotel Hotel Room Husband Wife Relationship Illinois Infidelity Injection Jail Janitor Judge Jumping From Height Kicked In The Stomach Kicking In A Window Knocked Down Stairs Knocked Out With A Gun Butt Knocked Unconscious Lake Log Loss Of Loved One Manhunt Mechanic Medical Medication Microscope Miscarriage Of Justice Mistaken Identity Money Movie With Surprise Ending Mugshot Murder Neck Brace Needle News Reporter Newspaper Nurse Office Work On The Run One Armed Man Orange Peel Organism Overhead Camera Shot Parade Paranoia Pay Phone Photograph Picture Of Suspect Pistol Planting Evidence Police Police Car Police Department Police Detective Police Escort Police Officer Killed Police Shooting Police Station Press Conference Prison Bus Prison Guard Prosthesis Prosthetic Body Part Prosthetic Limb Psychiatrist Psychopath Punched In The Face Punched In The Stomach Race Against Time Radiology Railroad Crossing Rain Reception Reckless Driving Red Herring Reference To Peter Pan Remake Ring Robbery Rooftop Running Into A Tree Sanitation Scar Searchlight Seizure Sentenced To Death Serial Killer Sewer Shaving Off Ones Beard Sheriff Shootout Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot To Death Shotgun Slow Motion Scene Small Town Snow Sound Recorder Speech St Patricks Day Stakeout Storm Drain Subway Subway Station Surgeon Surveillance Suspense Suspicion Tape Recorder Taser Telephone Booth Thief Threatened With A Knife Title Spoken By Character Train Train Crash Train Explosion Tunnel Undercover US Marshal Van Walkie Talkie Weapon Wet Jeans Winter Wrongful Conviction X Ray


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