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Adoption Airplane Airplane Accident Airplane Hijack Airport Assassination Attempt Beach Beautiful Woman Black Comedy Blockbuster Blood Blood Spatter Boat Chase Body Swap Bomb Bravery Brother Brother Relationship Brother Sister Relationship Bullet Time Butterfly Knife California Carousel Child Murder Choir Church Cocaine Coma Cop Killer Criminal Criminal Gang Cult Director Date Rape Death Death Of Child Different Face In Mirror Disfigured Face Disguise Doctor Dove Drug Dealer Drugged Drink Drugs Dysfunctional Family Escape Exploding Boat Exploding Ship Explosion Eye Face Ripping Off Face Swap Fall From Height Fall Through Glass Roof Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship FBI FBI Agent Fight Flashback Funeral Good Versus Evil Guilt Gun Gun Battle Gun Fu Gunfight Gunshot Wound Hangar Harpoon Hate Helicopter Hero Heroic Bloodshed High Tech Hospital Humor Husband Wife Relationship Identity Identity Crisis Identity Swap Identity Theft Interrogation Jail Jail Break Kidnapping Knife Knife In Thigh Los Angeles California Loss Of Mother Man With Glasses Marriage Martial Arts Mass Murder Maximum Security Prison Mexican Standoff Mirror Moral Ambiguity Mother Mother Son Relationship Movie With Twist In The End Murder Mythology Narcissism Neo Noir New Identity Party Photograph Pilot Pistol Whip Plane Plastic Surgery Police Police Detective Police Officer Killed Powerboat Racing Prison Prison Break Psychopath Reconstructive Surgery Regret Revenge Role Reversal Rooftop Scream Secret Service Self Mutilation Severed Ear Severed Face Sexual Assault Shooting Shootout Shot In The Arm Shot In The Back Shot In The Ear Shot In The Foot Shot In The Forehead Shot In The Head Shot In The Leg Shot To Death Showdown Shower Slow Motion Scene Smoking Sniper Sociopath Stabbed In The Face Stabbed In The Leg Surgery SWAT Team Swimming Switchblade Tech Noir Terrorism Terrorist Title Spoken By Character Tough Guy Tragedy Tragic Event Transformation Trojan Horse Trophy Uncharacteristic Behavior Undercover Undercover Cop Unhappy Marriage Villain Played By Lead Actor Violence Weapon Wedding Ring


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