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1960s Absent Father Abuse Acid African American Alcohol Alien American Flag American Football Americana Animal Animated Sequence Anti War Anti War Movement Apple Army Army Induction Arrest Art Artist Assassination Band Bar Bare Breasts Bare Chested Male Barricade Basic Training Basketball Battle Beating Billiards Biological Father Black White Relations Bleachers Blood Bloody Nose Bohemianism Bomb Bomb Making Bowling Bowling Alley Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Breaking A Window Breakup British Broken Glass Broken Window Brother Sister Relationship Bruise Burial Bus Station Bus Trip California Cemetery Chase Cheerleader Chest Hair Choir Cigarette Smoking Circus Class Classroom Climbing Through A Window Closet College Bound College Campus College Kid College Student Composer Concert Corpse In Water Counter Culture Cross Crying Cultural Difference Dance Club Dancer Dancing Dayton Ohio Dead Child Death Death Of Boy Death Of Boyfriend Death Of Loved One Death Of Son Delicatessen Demonstration Deportation Depression Detroit Michigan Dock Dockworker Documentary Footage Dog Tag Domestic Abuse Domestic Violence Double Negative Draft Draft Notice Draft Physical Drawing Dressing Room Dropout Drug Trip Drug Use Drugs Drunkenness Electric Guitar Escalator Escape Estranged Father Explosion Falling In Love Fantasy Sequence Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Female Director Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Female Rear Nudity Fight Fire Fire Escape Floating Floating Body Flying Flying Machine Football Field Football Player Football Practice Friend Friendship Funeral Gig Graffiti Graffiti Art Greenwich Village Manhattan New York City Guard Dog Guitar Guitarist Gun Guru Gymnasium Hangover Hare Krishna Hearse Helicopter Heroin High School High School Dance Hippie Hitchhiker Hitchhiking Homemade Bomb Hooker Hospital Husband Wife Relationship Hypodermic Needle Illegal Immigrant Immigrant Immigration Infantry Injection Interracial Couple Interracial Relationship Ironing Jail Jail Cell Janitor Jealousy Keyhole Kiss Kissing Landlady Laundromat Lawyer Lesbian Letter Letter Writing Lighthouse Liverpool England Locked In A Closet Loudspeaker Love LSD Machine Gun Making Out Male Female Relationship Male Nudity Male Rear Nudity Manhattan New York City March On Washington Marijuana Marriage Megaphone Microphone Military Military Draft Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Mural Murder New York City Newsreel Footage No Opening Credits Nude Drawing Nudity Nurse Outdoor Concert Party Passing Out Patriot Patriotism Patrol Peace March Peace Sign Phone Booth Photograph Physical Exam Physical Examination Pimp Platoon Playing Pool Police Police Brutality Policeman Political Unrest Politics Poster Pregnancy Premarital Sex Priest Princeton University Professor Protest Protest March Protest Riot Protest Song Psychadelic Drug Psychedelia Pub Radical Rain Record Contract Record Deal Record Executive Record Producer Reference To Jack Kerouac Reference To Lyndon Johnson Reference To Martin Luther King Jr Repairman Revolution Rifle Riot Riot Police Rock n Roll Rock Musical Rock Singer Rooftop Roommate Running School Bus Search For Father Sex Ship Shipyard Shooting Shot In The Face Singer Singing Single Mother Sister Sister Relationship Sketching Sliding Down A Banister Slow Motion Scene Snowing Social Unrest Solarisation Song Songwriter Statue Of Liberty New York City Stoned Strawberry Street Life Street Theater Strike Student Student Movement Subway Surrealism Syringe Taxi Taxi Driver Telephone Call Television Television News Television Set Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Dinner The Beatles Title Based On Song Title Spoken By Character Title Sung By Character Tour Bus Transcendental Meditation Trapped In A Phone Booth Truck Uncle Nephew Relationship Uncle Sam Underwater Scene Undressing Urination Urine Sample US Army Veteran Vietnam Vet Vietnam War Volunteer Wall Painting War Veteran War Wound Washing Machine Washington Square Manhattan New York City Welder Wheelchair

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