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Action Heroine Alley Animal Attack Animal Killing Anti Virus Based On Video Game Beautiful Woman Betrayal Biohazard Sign Black Screen Blood Bridge Broken Finger Bullet Time Cannibalism Car Crash Cement Mixer Cemetery Child In Peril Church City Cityscape Conspiracy Convoy Corporate Crime Corporate Logo Corporation Cover Up Crutches Cure Dark Heroine Death Of Father Desert Eagle Doctor Dog Eaten Alive Escape Exploding Car Exploding Helicopter Exploding Motorcycle Explosion Extreme Violence Falling From Height Father Daughter Relationship Female Nudity Female Protagonist Fire Fire Blanket Flashback Gate Gatling Gun Gore Gun Hand Grenade Handcuffs Helicopter Helicopter Crash Helicopter Pilot Hospital Human Experimentation Impalement Killed By Dog Killer Dog Knife Throwing Lasersight Loss Of Friend Martial Arts Megacorporation Mini Skirt Monster Motorcycle Movie With Twist In The End Murder Mutant Neck Breaking Nuclear Explosion Nudity One Night One Woman Army Pistol Police Police Officer Policeman Policewoman Protector Quarantine Rescue Resident Evil Reverse Footage Revolver Rooftop School Second Part Sequel Shootout Shot In The Chest Shot In The Forehead Shot In The Head Shot To Death Shotgun Sikorsky S 61 Helicopter Sniper Sodium Hydroxide Soldier Stabbed In The Head Stained Glass Stripper Subterranean Suicide Superhuman Surveillance Camera Survival Horror Taser Telephone Television News Television Reporter Tied To Chair Tongue Topless Female Nudity Trolley Undead Urban Setting Video Game Video Surveillance Virus Voice Over Narration Weather Forecast Wheelchair Whistle Wound Young Girl Zombie Zombie Child

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