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Adultery Aeronautics Airport Ambition Anger Arrogance Attempted Murder Battle Of Wits Blood Blood Revenge Brass And Glass Bullet Cell Phone Cheat On Husband Cheater Cheating Cheating Wife Class Differences Coffee Cold Blooded Killer Cold Blooded Murder Coma Coma Patient Coma Victim Comatose Confession Corporate Intrigue Corporate Ladder Corporate Lawyer Corporate Politics Corrupt Policeman Court Court Order Courtroom Crime Scene Investigation Crimes Of Passion Criminal Justice Cunning Death Death Of Wife Defending Self In Court Detective District Attorney Double Jeopardy Ego Elevator Employer Employee Relationship Employer Employee Sex Engineer Engineering Evidence Evidence Collection Evidence Tampering Extramarital Affair Firm Garage Genex Gore Gun Hospital Hotel Infidelity Intensive Care Jail Killer Law Firm Lawyer Life Support Los Angeles California Loss Of Job Manipulation Mansion Mind Game Motel Movie With Twist In The End Murder Murder Accusation Murder Weapon Narcissism Neo Noir Obsession Office Old Man Older Man Younger Man Relationship Older Man Younger Woman Relationship One Word Title Opera Overhead Camera Shot Planting Evidence Police Police Arrest Police Car Police Officer Policeman Pool Porsche Prison Prosecuting Attorney Prosecution Prosecutor Psycho Thriller Psychopath Public Humiliation Public Prosecutor Race Against Time Reflex Test Revenge Secretary Security Camera Shot In The Face Shot In The Head Snorricam Southern Accent Standoff Suicide Surrender Suspense Taunting Trial Unfaithful Wife Unfaithfulness Uxoricide Villain Played By Lead Actor Wealth Whiskey Witness Witness For The Prosecution Working Class Young Man Young People Outwit Older People Young Wife


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