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Actor Shares First Name With Character Asylum Automobile Balloon Based On Comic Book Beautiful Woman Betrayal Bicentennial Black Comedy Black Humor Blockbuster Bullet Proof Automobile Butler Cathedral Challenge Character Name In Title Characters Point Of View Camera Shot Chemical Chemical Factory Chemical Plant Chemical Vat Christ Allegory Church Bell City Clown Clown Face Clown Makeup Concept Car Corruption Cosmetics Courage Craps Crime Fighter Cult Director Cult Favorite Damsel In Distress Dark Hero DC Comics Dead Parents Dead Woman On Floor Death Dirty Cop Disfigurement District Attorney Domestic Servant Double Life Dream Like Dual Identity Evil Clown Evil Man Face Paint Factory Fall From Height Famous Entrance Famous Score Fictional City Flashback Float Flying Gadget Gadget Car Gambling Gangster Gargoyle Gas Mask Gatling Gun Genocide Good Versus Evil Goth Gotham Gothic Graffiti Guilt Gun Hate Haunted By Past Helicopter Heroism High Concept Honor Hostess Insanity Journalism Justice Killer Clown Knockout Gas Lifting Person In Air Love Interest Makeup Man With Glasses Mansion Martial Arts Mask Masked Villain Mass Murder Mayor Millionaire Mission Money Falling Through Air Mugging Murder Nerve Gas News Report News Reporter Obsession Obsessive Love On The Take Organized Crime Origin Of Hero Orphan Painted Face Pantyhose Parade Photographer Poison Gas Police Police Commissioner Police Investigation Police Officer Political Dinner Psychopath Psychotic Reboot Of Series Remake Reporter Restaurant Revenge Righteous Rage Rivalry Roulette Running Satire Secret Identity Spinning Newspaper Super Villain Superhero Tense Tower Tragedy Tragic Hero Trauma Two Way Mirror Urban Renewal Vigilante Villain Villain Played By Lead Actor Violence Warrior Wealthy Yelling


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