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1930s 1940s Accordion Air Raid Airplane American Flag Anti Aircraft Gun Anti Semitism Attorney General Baby Band Based On Book Based On True Story Beating Belgrade Bigotry Bomb Booby Trap Breaking Shop Window Brooklyn New York City Brother Sister Relationship Buchenwald Bunk Bed Bureaucracy Bureaucrat Camera Celebration Chicago Illinois Childbirth Christian Christmas Cigarette Smoking Class Classroom Cologne Germany Communist Concentration Camp Courage Crying D Day Dachau Dancer Dancing Darkroom Dead Body Death Death Of Brother Death Of Daughter Death Of Father Death Of Mother Death Of Sister Death Of Son Death Of Wife Deportation Destroyer Dining Hall Dormitory Dream Dying Eating Elevator Explosion Eyeglasses Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Fear Fifth Columnist Fight Film Projector Flashback Flashlight Food Foreign Correspondent Funeral General German Germany Gestapo Harvard University Hatred Haven Heil Hitler Holocaust Human Stampede Illness Immigrant Intolerance Italian Jeep Jew Jewish Jewish Slur Kicking Kilt Kiss Lantern Latrine Listening To Radio Love Male Female Relationship Mediterranean Sea Military Police Money Montage Mother Daughter Relationship Mp Naples Italy Nazi New Deal New York New York City Nightmare Oswego New York Photograph Photographer Photography Polish Pow Pregnancy Prejudice Prologue Quarantine Reading Reference To Al Capone Reference To Eleanor Roosevelt Reference To Franklin D Roosevelt Reference To Harry S Truman Reference To Henry Ford Reference To Hitler Reference To Westbrook Pegler Refugee Relocation Relocation Camp Reporter Rifle Ring Russian Saving A Life School Scot Search Searchlight Secretary Secretary Of State Ship Ship Captain Shower Singer Singing Snow Snowing Song Statue Of Liberty New York City Storytelling Submarine Suicide Suicide By Hanging Suicide Of Wife Suitcase Sunglasses Survival Swastika Switzerland Teacher Tears Teenage Boy Teenage Girl Thanksgiving Tolerance Torture Train Troop Ship Truck Typewriter U Boat Underwear US Department Of The Interior US Sailor US Soldier US State Department Vienna Austria Voice Over Narration Vomit Washington DC Watching Movie Wedding Wheelchair White House Wisconsin WWII Yarmulke Yiddish Yugoslav


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