Jungle Book (1942)
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Jungle Book 1942

Jungle Book: A boy raised by wolves tries to adapt to human village life; tenuously based on Kiplings stories.

Solar rating:8 /10

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Animal Animal Human Communication Asian Indian Avarice Baby Barber Barber Shop Bare Chested Male Barking Based On Novel Bear Bear Rug Begging For Mercy Bird Biting Coin Blood Bludgeoning Bowing Bravery Breaking Down Door Bull Burnt Hand Camel Camera Campfire Camping Candle Capture Cave Chained Chase Child In Peril Cobra Cobweb Coin Cradle Crocodile Crown Crying Dagger Death Death Of Father Death Of Husband Deer Diamond Dog Dog Riding On Horse Dream Drum Drummer Eaten By Crocodile Elephant End Tease For Sequel Escape Fall From Height False Accusation Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Fear Feral Child Fight Fight In Water Fire Flashback Fleeing Friend Friendship Gate Giant Snake Gold Gold Coin Gong Greed Handcuffs Hiding Place Hit Over Head With Club Horn Horse Horse And Wagon Horse Riding Howling Hunter Hunting Husband Wife Relationship Hyena Hypnosis India Jackal Jewel Jewelry Jumping Over Fence Jungle Jungle On Fire Killing A Tiger King King Of The Jungle Knife Knocked Unconscious Law Of The Jungle Leopard Lily Pond Loincloth Lost Lost Child Lost City Lumbago Machete Maharajah Man Made Disaster Marketplace Military Uniform Mob Money Monkey Mother Love Mother Son Relationship Murder Musician Old Man Owl Ox Cart Oxen Panther Panther Attack Photographer Pursuit Putting Hand In Fire Reflection In Water Rescue Riding Elephant Rifle River Ruby Running Running Through Water Sceptre Search Secret Secret Chamber Shaving Sheep Singer Singing Skull Sleeping Smoke Snake Song Stabbing Stampede Standing On Coin To Hide It Statue Stealing Storytelling Straight Edge Razor Stuffed Tiger Head Subjective Camera Surrealism Surrogate Family Swimming Swimming Snake Swimming Underwater Swinging On Vine Talking Snake Tears Temple Theft Thief Thrown Into Water Tiger Tiger Attack Tiger Skin Told In Flashback Tooth Torch Treasure Tree Climbing Turban Underwater Scene Vanity Village Voice Over Narration Wading Through Water Watching Watching Through Window Water Whipping Wild Boy Witch Witness To Murder Wolf Wolf Cub


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