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1990s Aeronautics African American Airforce One Airplane Crash Alcoholic Alien Alien Contact Alien Invasion Alien Space Craft Alien Technology Amateur Radio Apocalypse Area 51 Arrest Beautiful Woman Berlin Germany Big Ben London Blockbuster Bombay India Broken Promise Car Accident Car Crash Chaos Chess Common Enemy Computer Virus Creature Crop Duster Crop Dusting D Box Motion Code Death Of Friend Desert Despair Disaster Disaster In New York Dog Dogfight Eiffel Tower Paris Empire State Building Manhattan New York City End Of The World Scenario Epic Ex Husband Ex Wife Relationship Exotic Dancer Exploding Building Exploding Helicopter Exploding Ship Extraterrestrial Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Fictional War Fighter Jet Fighter Pilot First Daughter First Lady Flying Fourth Of July Genocide Ham Radio Helicopter Heroism High Tech Homosexual Subtext Homosexuality Hope Husband Wife Relationship Invasion Invasion Of Earth Kamikaze London England Los Angeles California Loss Of Friend Man With Glasses Manhattan New York City Marriage Mass Destruction Moon Moscow Russia Mothership Motor Home Mumbai India New York City No Opening Credits Nuclear Explosion Outer Space Outrunning Explosion Patriotism Photograph Pilot Rome Italy Saving The World Mission Secretary Of Defense Self Sacrifice Space Space Battle Space Shuttle Space Travel Spacecraft Spaceship Statue Of Liberty New York City Sydney Australia Sydney Opera House Techne Television Timebomb Title Spoken By Character Traffic Jam Tragic Event Tunnel TV Station Twin Towers U Boat UFO US President Utah Vietnam Veteran Vomit Washington DC Weapon Wendover Nevada White House

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